Origin of Name:

“Television with rice” is from the Cantonese phrase “電視撈飯,” which roughly means to eat your rice/meal while watching t.v.

About Me:

An once-avid-now-more-moderate Hong Kong dramas (namely TVB ones) watcher. I know the popular opinion about TVB dramas out there is that they’re inferior to Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese dramas, etc.  However, for me, it’s something I’ve grown up with and it’s a natural winding down process of the evening routine with the family.  To me, TVB dramas reminds me of home…simple, in a good way. Easily followable and easily predictable.  I enjoy watching them without reading the subtitles, very little if any crazy twists, and some times, without too many thoughts.  Yes, TVB is mindless entertainment, but they are some times intelligent and I welcome that.  I am usually tolerant of TVB dramas and their cliches, but there are things that stick out like a sore thumb and I’ll like to rant about them. Similarly, once in a while, there are dramas I can go full out fan girl mode  *cough*TheHippocraticCrush*cough* and I’ll like to have a place to spazz about them without judgment.  This is why this blog exists. Ha.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blog. I really agree with many of your thoughts on the series. I watch them too with rice during dinner after work, haha! Love your blog. Hope you find time to watch now you are done with school!

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