Triumph in the Skies II/衝上雲霄II: Initial Impression (Episode 1)

Triump in the Skies II I don’t usually do impressions on merely one episode, since TVB dramas always take a few episodes to find their footing. However, I am equally dreading and excited about this drama that I am eager to share my thoughts.

As you all may or may not know, this sequel to the famous 2003 aero-centric drama is touting a storyline I have a few issues with. I have thought of completely boycotting this sequel to leave the best of Triumph in the Skies in my memories, but I just have so much goodwill for Sam Gor, Zoe, Issac and the likes that I am willing to sit through a shipwreck (if this will truly be a shipwreck) to see these characters alive and interacting on my small screen again. And so here I go with this drama.

So far, I see traces of what I like from the original series present in episode one, which is definitely a good sign. Our beloved characters are as playful as they were 10 years ago. The bromance of the S4 is only half present (with only Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma reprising their roles as Issac Tong Yik Fung and Roy Ko Chi Wan, respectively) but they are as entertaining to watch. And can I please just say how much I adore Roy’s goofiness already?!

As expected, there isn’t much going on in the first episode since it was mostly a medium to to introduce the two new main characters, Jayden Koo Ha Yeung (Chilam Cheung) and Holiday Ho Nin Hei (Fala Chen). In short, Jayden is a ladies man and pilot with skills up to par with our legendary Sam Tong Yik Sum (Francis Ng), only he’s sorta the opposite of Sam’s safety first strictness with his risk taking ways. Meanwhile, Holiday is a backpacker with a scarred past involving something of the likes of a dead boyfriend. I think the latter is more interesting that the former ’cause god knows I actually rolled my eyes at Jayden…quite a few time.

Due to the fact that the episode was quite Jayden and Holiday focussed, I was left disappointed with only a small glimpse of my Sam Gor not to mention Zoe So Yi (Myolie Wu) is nowhere to be seen. But with the way the group vaguely discusses  Zoe, it’s not good news. I’ll admit, I mostly came into this drama expecting a few happy episodes of Sam & Zoe before they kill her off (and maybe then I’ll decide to stop watching) but she’s already dead from the first episode?! What the…You can’t even friggin throw me a damn bone, TVB?

In any case, I still remain adamant that I much rather not have a sequel at all if it takes killing Zoe and creating a new character with a Zoe-face to continue the storyline (that ended quite perfectly in the original, may I add). Here’s to hoping this sequel is actually damn good so that I can forget and stop caring about the original. But that’s a hard feat. Maybe I should just go into a cave and watch Triumph in the Skies again while the rest of you watch the sequel. You know, be all counterculture. But rest assure, this is NOT be the last you’ll hear from me about this drama, because I am sure there are MUCH to talk about. MUCH MORE. Oh, just you wait.

P.S. I know this is redundant since everyone and their mothers have been saying this, but, BRING THE OLD THEME SONG BACK! Nothing against George Lam (who is actually my dad’s idol) but the song really just doesn’t go well with the drama, AT ALL. I am not even asking that you recreate the same magic of Eason Chan‘s Years Like Songs/歲月如歌, but did you have to pick a song that is totally totally irrelevant?

A moment of silence for this perfect theme song:


14 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies II/衝上雲霄II: Initial Impression (Episode 1)

  1. Ooooh. Have to resist reading this before watching. I have high hopes for this. The trailer looked promising. And hopefully this can change my forever decreasing hope for TVB.

  2. Haha, you’re not alone! I totally have the same feeling as you do. I really dreaded this sequel after finding out that Zoe will die and come back as a new character to be paired up with Ron (which makes no sense!). The Sam-Zoe pairing was a major reason why I loved the original drama, so I’m quite angry about this nonsense TVB is cooking up. However, I am also kind of curious about it as well…so I’ve been having a debate whether I should watch this or not >.<". So keep us updated! Hopefully your next post will help me make up my mind…='(.

    • I loved Sam and Zoe so much. Despite their age difference, they made it work. And I love how Zoe changed Sam to be happier and more youthful. It was really cute that one time, Zoe dressed older while Sam dressed younger to accommodate each other. Just, aw.
      Edit: I found this scene on YT! Gasp!

      • Omg, I forgot about this scene, but thank you sooo much for sharing it! Aww…it just makes me want to watch the drama all over again! The scene is super adorable! I also really liked the scene where Sam went to get Eason’s autograph just for Zoe. He knew she really wanted it and was willing to go through the embarrassment of getting it for her. It was just so sweet of him.

        Yeah, I really loved them too despite their age difference!! Zoe really did bring out a happier Sam that people could not really see at the beginning of the episodes. I’m usually not too fond of pairings with a huge age gap, but this couple really worked for me! I think they really complement each other. She understands him well and they’re both willing to accommodate to each other. I also sometimes feel that Zoe is quite mature for her age in the way she behaves and sees situations so I don’t feel like the age difference is actually that apparent. I mean visually it might seems like an age difference exist, but spiritually (if that’s the correct term…lol) I think they are a lot closer.

        *sighs* I really wished this pairing was kept! I’m so disappointed with the decisions! I don’t know if I can ever get over this lol.

        • I totally agree. Zoe is much younger but also very mature and considerate so the age gap wasn’t quite there in terms of emotional connection (unfortunately, I find Holiday lacking in these characterics, which I will go into details if ever I find the time to write a proper post). I also loved the chemistry between Ng and Wu which was very natural, though not combusting passionate, I find it apropos for their relationship in the drama. I think I really need to write a post about TITS1 so we can gush more about it!

          • Know what, I’m watching TITS1 again! I can’t get over the fact that Zoe was killed off!
            Even in TITS2, I’m seeing a continuation of the natural and strong chemistry between Sam and Zoe. Francis and Myolie let the audience feel the love of this lovely couple.
            Frankly, I do not understand how did Holiday come into the picture. Even if she does, they could feature the relationship between Sam and Holiday as platonic mates, and not a couple. I really can’t feel anything between this couple. (Even the rest of the couples are doing better.)

          • I know! Well said! I think their chemistry was amazing, which was kind of missing in the Sam and Holiday relationship. I felt like they gave off the good friends or sibling feel rather than a couple feel. Perhaps, it’s because of my own biased, but everything just felt kind of forced.

            I must say after watching the whole sequel that I was quite disappointed. I didn’t find it as appealing as the news claimed it to be. It took me a while to finish this drama because it just didn’t excite me. What kept me going was the little bits of Sam and Zoe scenes and probably the funny family scenes with Sam, Issac and Coco. I think the first part of the show’s purpose for me was to reveal the story behind Zoe’s death, but when the truth was revealed and Sam got over it, the show kind of lost its purpose.

            However, thankfully, I did manage to get to re-watch TITS1 just before school started. And I have to say, the original one is definitely the best! Ten years later, Sam and Zoe still managed to make me love them just as much as I did back then, if not more! Please do post about TITS 1! I’m sure all of us here will have lots to say haha!

  3. you know what i’ve done? i went to read the synopsis of each episode, and check which episodes that they might show Zoe and Sam for a few seconds (yeah, sad) and just watch those parts only… or even looking at Sam yearning for Zoe (this is still fine with me although i’m very upset they just killed her to promote…… the new lady…
    upset, upset and upset…
    i’ll just keep on watching TITS 1….

    • OMG…I thought I was the only one that did that, I literally fast forward each episode and only watch those short scenes with Sam & Zoe, some of those scenes are so sad. Francis acted so well in those emotional scenes, I could feel his pain and I cried with him because I missed Zoe too ….:( No wonder Francis mentioned that his best scenes are those with Zoe.

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