A Tiny Peak Into The Hippocratic Crush Sequel

As the blog that is a fervent supporter of The Hippocratic Crush, how can I NOT immediately share the first teaser of the sequel as soon as I lay my eyes on it (OK, maybe I did wait for a bit because I was still hunting down the HD video)?! The original The Hippocratic Crush aired February of this year (it’s still my TVB drama of the year!), and after the very long withdrawal, the teaser couldn’t have come sooner.

This following teaser is from the TVB Sales Presentation 2013. It gives us little to nothing on the storyline, since filming has not commenced, in fact, I doubt the script is even completed at this point.  So, this teaser is actually a faux on-the-filming-site/behind-the-scene interview, pretty trippy, yea? Anyways, filming will begin early next year.

As we are aware, Sales Presentation teasers are nothing to rely upon since anything and everything can change before the actual filming take place.

However, I think the conflict at 00:14 has a big potential of making into the sequel.

Fan Zi Yu (Tavia Yeung): I am not just a doctor, I am also the baby’s mother! Which one do you want me to give up?!?

I can really see this conflict in the sequel because we are bound to have Zi Yu’s tumor causing more problems.  Also, Zi Yu and Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) are married, a baby is the next step, naturally. But, I find this a recycled conflict from last season because didn’t Yat Kin’s dull being of a ex-girlfriend debated the baby vs life question already?  (For more episodes than she deserves, too.)

Also, I am pretty sure the cast is finalized, even Lawrence Ng is confirmed to join the drama. The rest of the cast from the first season is just a piece of cake for TVB to bring back.

Basing on the teaser, I am SO glad that Ng will not add a leg in the Yat Kin and Fan Zi Yu love line.  I think it would be quite unnecessary (but then again, I ship Yat Kin Tau-Yu Zai damn hard). Yet, I am still skeptical. I mean, how else would he integrate into the storyline and be relevant?  You don’t just ask a veteran (ex-)TVB actor back to TVB and not make him important in a drama.

In any case, color me excited! So ready for the sequel, long as they don’t kill off Yat Kin or Zi Yu to bring back a character with the same face to romance his/her sibling. In other words, you better not disappoint, drama!

I think I’ve said too much on what is merely a one minute teaser.  What can I say? I have lots of feels when it comes to The Hippocratic Crush. Har.

[Video Credit to Poster]


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