Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽… Impression

Nothing is interesting to me these days! I am either getting jaded (in my 20’s), or TVB dramas are friggin dull these days. And me no watching dramas = me nothing to write about. Sad math stuff.

In any case, I’ve realized that I’ve been idle for a tad too long and it’s not looking good for this blog. So, I’ve decided to start Divas in Distress since it reminds me of Wars of In Laws (which isn’t my favorite or anything, but amused me a lot). Also, I do have a liking for family comedies despite having with very low expectation for this one.

It’s actually pretty funny. Episode 1 has gotten a few laughs out of me by the first half of the episode, surprisingly enough. You make me laugh, and I am on board. Yat, I must also point out that, thus far into the drama (nine episodes), I am still emotionally detached, but am going along with the drama, nonetheless.

I am never really a fan of Liza Wong, who plays the harsh mother and mother-in-law, Sheung Ying Hung. Liza Wong always seems to play similar characters and they never appeal me. Albeit, she is a well regarded veteran actress and I do respect her. On the contrary, I have a soft spot for Gigi Wong ever since her protrayal of Cheung Yat Kin’s mom in The Hippocratic Crush. Funny enough, Gigi Wong plays Miu Sing Ho, which is the more lovable and relatable character of the two warring mothers in Divas in Distress.

From the Chinese title of the drama (“Ba But dak Mama”), it is obvious that the moms are the center of the story. Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho are disciples of the same acting teacher, Fung Hen Man. The two have grown up together, out-competing each other and butting heads. They were once well known actresses in the film industry decades ago but are now retired and doing other stuff. Ying Hung is now a socialite and Sing Ho is a seller of toilets. Ha, talk about opposites. Chong Ka Long (Chin Ka Lok) is the son of Miu Sing Ho and despite the mothers’ history he falls for Sheung Ying Hung’s daughter, Ding Yum. However, Ding Yum passes away after giving birth to their son, Michel. The death of Ying Hung’s beloved daughter and the fighting for Michel cause an even bigger rift between the mothers throughout the years.

The veteran actresses are, of course, doing great in their role, but I can’t help but be annoyed by Sheung Ying Hung, the character. I get that she is just an overbearing mom who wants to give her children the best. That really doesn’t excuse her overstepping and out-of-line ways. Like, it is just so wrong to passive-aggressively push Chong Ka Long to swear in front of the late Ding Yum’s grave that he will never ever remarry. You are bounder line evil there, lady.

Playing Chong Ka Long’s (soon-to-be) love interest, Heung Lai Hing, is beauty pageant winner and newbie actress, Eliza Sam. She is, no doubt, very, very green. Yet, she has a cute bubbly charm, so I can deal with her greenness (for now).

Another prominent pairing is Him Law’s Chak Yau Sing and Mandy Wong’s Kwai Yi Hei (Sidenote, I would hate to be Kwai Yi Hei in elementary school. Her name, 夔懿曦, has got to be one of the most complicated Chinese names ever. I would’ve never learned to read that if this were a silent film or something.) I like these two up-and-coming actors a lot and I am sure everyone else does as well for TVB to insert them in almost every other drama. They have cute chemistry and I like seeing them together. BUT! Even though I like them romancing each other, I don’t like how it unfolds here. First of all, it’s cute that Chak Yau Sing is begrudgingly intrigued by the tomboy but following Kwai Yi Hei around silently is really not the best way to get to know a person and is known as stalking in real life. Even If there is a romantic English ballad in the background, it’s still stalking. And all those pulling of arms! That is called abusive and disrespectful, you do not pull her around like a toy! If you can get pass all that, there’s also the logic lapse: for 7 whole episodes, Yau Sing treats Yi Hei like dirt due to his growing feelings for her, like a little childish boy. Of course, she shows no interest in him, rightfully so, since he gives her absolutely no reason to like him, do you blame her? Then, she finds out that he likes her and is emotionally down…and suddenly likes him back. What? How? I understand where you are angling at, drama, I just don’t see how stuff like taking and keeping her cellphone without permission (*COUGH*stealing*COUGH*) is romantic.

The cute interaction is really not enough to make up for the logic fail. Hopefully, their story gets better ‘cause it really hurts me how this is unfolding and I DO like them, really! (I probably have trouble convincing people that after the rant.) When they do things right, they are so cute, like the above scene from episode 8 (even though the emotions leading up to the scene had me scratching my head)! They could’ve easily become my favorite part of the drama!

Last, I find the cast is a fresh mix of actors and actresses which isn’t always the case with TVB. Particularly, I think Koo Ming Wah is rocking his role as So Kei, godson of Sheung Ying Ho. This guy is seriously committed to playing the dramatic and homosexual So Kei (Get it? So Kei, So gay?). Yes, he does veer over-the-top, but if there is one single person in this whole drama that has made me laugh the most, it’s him.

All in all, I do enjoy the funny and cute moments, so staying, I be on this drama. I’ll see how it goes and see whether I feel strongly enough (positively or negatively) for it later to warrant another post. For now, I am going with the flow.


5 thoughts on “Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽… Impression

  1. I like slice of life dramas XD and was particularly keen when i found out Mandy + Him were paired up again, but from your review, it seems their love story is indeed rather lame :/ … hmmm not so sure I will watch this now… maybe will leave for later … keep up the great reviews!!

  2. YOU READ MY MIND. I really like the chemistry between Him and Mandy but their love story is so vague and abusive. It was cute the first time he stalked her but then it got creepy when he did it again. AND I KNOW!! It’s like she fell for him because he liked her first. They do have cute scenes but most of the scenes involve some sort of abuse. The writers did a really bad job handling their story because I have no clue when Him started liking her and vice versa. So glad I’m not the one who’s thinking this. A lot of people like them in this…and I’m like, do you like their chemistry or their story? From the way I see it, there’s not much of a love story.

    • “I have no clue when Him started liking her and vice versa.”
      Right? It seems that he likes her abruptly because he finds out she is the one who illustrated the graffiti that inspired him.
      This couple have so much squee-worthy potential but the writer didn’t handle it well, as you’ve said.

  3. I have finish wathcing this movie and it was cool also I love their song like the Can’t take my eyes of you one.It really matches on the two main characters.And how they became together it was so cool.Who is chinese?

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