End of the Series Review: Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國

After being disappointed by the first 10 episodes of Three Kingdoms RPG, I stayed on board this sucker due to my (obviously) blind affection for Kenenth Ma, Raymond Lam, and Tavia Yeung.

The drama becomes a tad more enjoyable, just a tad in the second half. Wan Shun becomes a bit mature, finally, but, I still did not like his character.  That’s just sad because he’s kinda important in the drama, y’know as the lead and all. This is the part where I should say Ma tones down his overacting, but NOPE, Ma DID NOT take his acting down a notch at all as the storyline progresses (except for that one poignant moment at the very last episode, more on this later).  The much expected brotherhood bonding does happen between Ma’s Wan Shun and Raymond Lam’s Chu-kot Leung, but sort of late in the game. This is SUCH a frequent flaw among A LOT of TVB dramas: the story starts picking up a little too late (see, No Good Either Way and every other mediocre TVB dramas out there). Speaking of Lam, he sticks to being nothing particular, and his acting is nothing to run home with. Hm, maybe I should give him some credit for attempting to look like Chu-kot Leung with the beard, yeah? Tavia Yeung continues to be an utter waste in here. To a point, it even baffles me what she saw in this sucker to agree to be a part of it.  Let’s add ANOTHER underutilized actor to the list, shall we? Ruco Chan (who plays the well known Chau Yu) has always striked me as someone who can handle light-hearted as well as intense materials.  He can effectively play the villain (as he‘s proven almost all his roles prior to The Other Truth) and still make you root madly for him once he picks up a protagonist role (namely, Keith of The Other Truth).  Chau Yu of Three Kingdoms RPG really gives him very little to work with and adds nothing to his acting resume.

By the way, another jarring flaw I’ve forgotten to mention in the impression: the CG effects.  Wow, has TVB gradually gotten worse throughout the years or what? Man, these graphics are as bad as the ones you have to watch for those online traffic school courses. I can’t help but snerked when during an interview, Sharon Chan (who plays the Three Kingsoms beauty Xiao Qiao) claims she is honored to be a part of such a big production, even as a cameo.  Such a grand production, I see:

The bottom line: I remained unattached for the remainder of the drama, sometimes even missing out an episode or two in between and not even bothered by it.

OK, with being so uninterested and meh about this drama, I would say I am pretty ready for the ending, no matter how bad it is.  HOWEVER, the fact that I am nonchalant and I was spoiled of the ending but the ending STILL manages to make me go “WTF!” is a wonder of its own.  So, I knew that Wan Shun will get a heart attack and dies in the embrace of Song Yau.  What I didn’t expect was for Wan Shun to be THAT in love with Song Yau that he spends every day pining for a typhoon to get back to the Three Kingdoms period and to her.  Unexpected that it is, I still have to credit his yearning for Song Yau for giving us one of the BEST acted scene from Ma (or anyone) in the whole entire drama (seriously, where have THIS Kenneth Ma been this whole drama?).  See:

Now the ending:  well, what the hell was that? And I am not talking about the waiting-30-years-and-then-gets-heart-attack shenanigan (even though I think death is really unnecessary for a drama that established itself as a bundle of slapstick silliness). I am talking about the part where the mysterious blue light shows up at some secluded mountain in HK, and…Song Yau appears?  Not only does she mystically drift down from the blue light, she is not a single day aged, while Wan Shun is 30 years aged.  Does not compute. Could you at least try to explain this before the credits roll, writer? Did Song Yau travel through time as Wan Shun did, or is she some holy figure? Ah, an ending that leaves for questions than answers.

And that’s it, folks.  If you asked for a drama with Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung recollabration a la The Mysteries of Love, you got it. Is it good? NO! But beggars can’t be choosers. Last, I conclude this post with the one character I liked from the drama: Fan Gan. Aw, such an adorable, loyal, idealistic little supporting character, you.

10 thoughts on “End of the Series Review: Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國

  1. Every comment online I’ve read so far says the ending was stupid. TVB, you hear that? I disagree with you on Ruco’s role though. I think he got a pretty important role, even though he didn’t appear until half-way through the series. But definitely Sharon Chan is so unncessary. Same with Tavia. Could have cut all her parts and not make a single difference to the whole series.
    Full Thoughts: http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/2012/08/three-kingdoms-rpg-review.html

  2. Ahaha I chuckled at the caps of the not so great effects. Actually I didn’t watch this drama..and based on your review I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t. The cast sounded great though o_o

  3. Why does everybody harp on her not aging? Just because it was 2 years between the portals on both sides when he entered and left, doesn’t mean it has to be the same for her. Note that the Professor said “‘Once in 500 years’ is just the probability. It could be more, it could be less.” This to me suggests that maybe for her, it was a few days/months, while for him, it was 35 years.

    Still, for someone who was waiting a long time for her, he probably shouldn’t have been having those ham-mantous for lunch every day.😛

    But yeah, horrible ending for a “so bad it’s hilarious” comedy.😦

  4. I’m so pissed with the ending!!!

    Why is it every time i decided to watch a HK drama it has to end like crap!!

    Happened with “bottled passion” where the male lead dies and drifts away in a boat?! And now again in three kingdoms. TVB you sonofabitch

    I’m gonna watch Korean dramas from now. At least the endings are better, and period dramas do not have that many cheesy props.

    • Oh, don’t lose hope! TVB does have good ones once in a while!
      If only they die satisfactorily, feels like most of the last minute deaths are just a last effort to cheat the viewer emotionally, whether or not it is even necessarily for the narrative.

  5. bunch of c-9s drones here… brainwashed by TVB for decades only to expect nothing but happy ending. The only thing I hate about this series is Kenneth ma pretending and acting like a teenager when he is and looked like a late 30/early 40 dude. That was sad. I love the ending.

    • It’s a matter of preference that I like happy endings, and it’s not just with TVB dramas.
      You can have a differentiating opinion but no need to be offensive with your comments.

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