End of the Series Review: Witness Insecurity 護花危情

In my initial spazzing of an impression, I promised to rageeeeee if Witness Insecurity turns out to be an unhappy ending…And what to you know it: RAGEEEEEEEE!

The most appealing part of the drama (for me), is the bond between Wai Sum (Bosco Wong) and Chi Lam (Linda Chung). I loved how it’s portrayed: the nervousness and innocence of first love for Chi Lam and the hesitation of loving again for Wai Sum.  But then, my favorite thing of the drama has gone to hell.

Honestly, what is the “breakup” in episode 15 all about?  First of all, sure, Wai Sum likes Chi Lam before and after her Germany visit, but it wasn’t hardcore love, so their relationship wasn’t ready for an obstacle just yet.  They should’ve spent more time with Wai Sum’s feelings towards Chi Lam.  Second, the two were definitely NOT together, so I was WTF-ing that the word “break-up” is thrown around when Wai Sum wanted to cut ties.  HOW IS THERE A BREAK UP WHEN THEY WEREN’T EVEN DATING IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!

And how redundant is it that Daddy Kiu is the main opposition of the relationship…not once, but twice?  Ok, so Daddy Kiu is against the difference in social status blah blah blah, but Daddy Kiu eventually relents and they overcome that.  So why do you show us that Dad accepts that its fate between the two, only to make Daddy oppose their relationship, like, 2 episodes later for a whole different (selfish) reason? I thought you said it is fate, remember? And I don’t like how the drama seems to set up that it’s THE POLICE OFFICER WAI SUM Daddy must oppose, just him.  So if it’s not Wai Sum, Chi Lam can date any other of the many cops in Hong Kong and Daddy will be fine? ‘Cause y’know, the rest of ’em are not as smart as Wai Sum.

And the last few episodes, oh, the last few episodes, what to do with you? I had so much trouble going through them after Ba Da dies (and I am not even talking about Cilla Kung’s dry crying scenes with no tears that is painful to watch).  To make Ba Da a.k.a. Wai Sum’s bestest friend EVER die to protect Daddy Kiu’s secret, it’s like the last straw for Wai Sum-Chi Lam relationship.  It made their love impossible and officially puts them in Romeo-and-Juliet territory since Wai Sum blames himself for the death and vows to capture the murderer.  Yet, it’s also ironic (brilliant? Painful? Playing with us viewers?) to have Chi Lam as the one person who is able to put Wai Sum back together after he is broken from Ba Da’s passing.

Then there’s the ending, the cruel, cruel ending.  How is Chi Lam supposed to live, knowing the love of her life dies in the process of rescuing the most important person in her life, her dad? You f*cking tragic ending, this ISN’T really Romeo and Juliet, you are not allowed to make me sad like that! And I wasn’t even that sad for the star-crossed lovers. Just thinking about the ending of this drama stresses me out.

So at the end of the day, there was NOT one moment the couple was actually together, as in, dating, in this drama founded on their romance.  Unspoken drama rule: the quiet before the storm. You’re supposed to at least feed us some sweet scenes before you throw our couple (our OTP, for lack of better words) through hell. But you didn’t, not one single moment.

And what makes the ending even more painful to watch (as in more than it is already, if that is possible)? The drama outside of the drama with Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu breaking up. Now, that’s just too much sadness for the audience to handle, yo.

Witness Insecurity, you were adorable…briefly.  But I really don’t see myself rewatching you for the cutes (like The Mysteries of Love and The Hippocratic Crush), knowing the dark cloud that is the tragic ending looming ahead.


16 thoughts on “End of the Series Review: Witness Insecurity 護花危情

  1. So it was not just me who was screaming at the absurd ending. Ahahahaha. Just, how could it end like this without letting us see them truly date each other of at least one scene?

    And me too, I was so confused with how they just threw the ‘break-up’ word around. I mean, they didn’t even date and they break up?

    The ending is just absurd. Their love was more one-sided from Chi Lam. Wai Sum didn’t show any for her until the very end. It was there but just not as much as there should have been. It was so sudden. He just found his girlfriend and boom, he is suddenly over her and open for Chi Lam?

    The first half of the drama was adorable until the second half where the crisis hit and everybody changes.

    • And we are not the only ones…viewers (in HK) are demanding for Hui Sir to come back alive! Heh.
      As I said in the other post’s cmment, when I saw the credits roll after Hui Sir clsoed his eyes…my tears of sadness trasformed to tears of anger. You’re gonna end, Show?! And THERE?! Grrrrr

    • The ending was bad for viewers looking for a lovey-dovey drama. Looking at the drama from another point of view, Hui sir was really irritating with all his righteousness bullshit. He should have just quit his job as a police officer and lived his life as a prince.

  2. The ending was sad and surprising. However,after I got over the initial shock and thought about it a little, the ending made sense. After all, Hui Sir was a die hard police officer who lived for righteousness and Chi Lam lived in a world of protection and luxury. Sooner or later, Hui Sir would have gotten himself hurt or killed in his line of work. Although, the love between the two main characters was not as developed as it could have, it represented an abstract notion of love that you had to use your imagination. It represented an innocent, pure and unselfish type of love. The death of Hui Sir showed that he would risk his life to protect anyone (even those who were not innocent). Hui Sir died unselfishly to protect Chi Lam’s father….. and where he ended up dying showed that he wanted to spend his last moments in the arms of Chi Lam (the person who cared for him the most), not at the hospital. After all, Hui Sir said it himself that he was only an orphan in this world. After all, Hui Sir was satisfied to risk his life as long as he got to the bottom of what killed his friend, BaDa.

    • I think the last scene doesn’t do what it is aiming at. The drama wants us to believe that rather than an act of righteousness, his death is supposed to be a grand gesture of love in which Hui Sir sacrifices his life for the one he love. This would’ve added a layer of poignant for him to die in Chi Lam’s embrace. The problem is that it has never been established that he loves her as deeply as she has fallen for him, which makes the scene a bit of an emotional stretch. The lack of development in Wai Shum’s feeling toward Chi Lam is my biggest gripe.
      At the end of the day, I am still a fervent supporter of happy endings, but I see where you are coming from.

  3. OMG the ending was totally ridiculous! i wasn’t even sad cos i was sooooooo expecting it to happen. But i did rage after hoping that some miracle will happen. Hahaha i was so looking forward to abit of romance in the drama but it ended up only showing how hui sir wanted to solve the case! So disappointing! ):

  4. So I’m like… 2 years late to the show. I would like to point out that imo, a person who refuses to go to the hospital and instead goes to the person he/she loves is a stupid plot that needs to be removed from all shows, period. I mean, how dumb is that? So for the rest of his/her life the poor other has to wonder what if this idiot went to the hospital instead of coming to look for me?

  5. Holy shit. I finally find someone who can relate to my feelings of this series. I have just rewatched this after 2 years from the first launch, and have totally started to fall in love with this. As you said, I also do think that the love between the main 2 actors is portrayed very well, which is what made this series my fav. The ending is really hard to rewatch again, definitely unexpected. The ideal one is of course to have a ‘happily ever after’ sorta thing. Such painful and cruel endings are to much to bear for people like me omg. Will there be any continuation to this series? I think Bosco and Linda make a perfect match zomg, why can’t we have them be a couple in rl?!

    • There may not be a sequel to this drama but I don’t doubt that they will work together again in a different drama. In the land of TVB, recycling of couples is highly likely. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  6. I don’t care what other people say about the ending because in my opinion the ending shouldn’t had end like that. Some people said that Bosco never like Linda because in the Witness Insecurity Bosco never clearly stated his love for Linda but when Bosco woke up after he got hit by the car there was a flashback of what Linda said if you could find a place for me in your heart wear the helmet I got from Germany for you that clearly shows that he love her. I know that the theme of Witness Insecurity is to show how mess up family could be and how righteous cops are but Bosco didn’t have to died. The ending should had ending like this Linda’s dad gets lock up, after that Bosco and Linda go visit her dad in prison and Linda’s dad give Bosco permission for Bosco to marry his daughter. Since Bosco save her dad he doesn’t really mind that he is in prison because he would had been seriously injured or maybe even dead if it wasn’t for Bosco didn’t save him.

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