Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國: Impression and Ending Spoiler

Bromance, romance, a light watch, tightly knitted story…Three Kingdoms RPG is not.

The story revolves around an otaku-like character and Three-Kingdoms-computer-game-fanatic, Sze-ma Wan Shun (Kenneth Ma), who time leaps back to the Three Kingdoms period.  He meets his idol Chu-kot Leung (Raymond Lam) and tries to help and befriend this historically famous figure (even though his help doesn’t always yield fruitful results). He also encounters other ancient beings like Lau Bei, Kwan Yu, Cheung Fei.  Lau Bei’s housemaid, Song Yau (Tavia Yeung) who he treats like a daughter falls blindly for the immature Wan Shun.

Sounds like a light, easy show full of crazies? Wrong. But then again, it could be just me. I am a person who knows VERY little (to none) about the Three Kingdoms history.  The first few episodes I was so confused, it was hard to focus: who’s on which side?  Why does everyone have like three different names? However, I do enjoy it a tad more after a visit to the nifty Wikipedia (at least it answers the question about Chu-kot Leung’s nickname). If you already know the history, perhaps things are easier on you.  But, some understanding of background information is definitely necessary to enjoy this drama.

Yes, the drama still has its funny moments, but those are not sufficient…or witty. I was expecting time-travelling gags by the boatload. I mean, the time-travelling topic is SO EASY to do, it’s like a field day for the writers.  A lot of fish-of-water jokes are just waiting to happen.  However, wit is not this drama’s forte.  The humor I’ve seen so far from this drama stems mostly from Wan Shun making a fool of himself with his HK cultures. Sadly, these jokes come out to be lame, not funny. And the drama is sorely lacking of bromance between Wan Shun and Chu-kot Leung.  You put Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam together in one drama, do you blame me for expecting bromance a la The Mysteries of Love?  Also, the unlikely friendship should make for a lot of laughs, but it doesn’t happen (yet?).

I’ve seen some complaints about Kenneth Ma’s over-acting in this drama. Usually, I would be the first to defend Ma, yet, I gotta agree with this one.  Exaggerated facial expressions =/= comic chops. Being way over-the-top makes everything lame.  I feel like Ma is trying too hard. His distasteful character also does nothing for him.  Sze-ma Wan Shun is so immature and annoying, I don’t even like or root for him, infact, I even go as far as dislike him (then again, I basically can care less for any of the characters).

The other male lead, Raymond Lam is serviceable but doesn’t really try to do more, if you ask me. Contrarily, Tavia Yeung is woefully underutilized here. Ten episodes in, Song Yau rarely shows up, serves little significance to the storyline, and needs little to no emoting. Any girl or newbie actress can play this character, what a waste of Yeung after she again proves her splendid acting in The Hippocratic Crush.

As much as it seems like Three Kingdoms RPG is composed of every ingredient I like with that premise and the cast, it’s unfortunately a miss for me. Oh, but I am not giving up just yet, I will hang on for the three actors who I love dearly. They’re luck they’ve established a fangirl in me.

Impression ends here…stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled of the ending.

Rumor has it that the ending isn’t so much a happy one.  Now, I am all about happy endig so, if this were a drama I am attached to, I would have my feathers all riled up by now.  But since I’ve invested maybe an ounce of emotion for Three Kingdoms RPG, I could care less.  Oh, and it’s not like I read the spoilers because I was eager either, I just wanted to see how the story will play out…or more like see if things will get better.  Anyway, take this with a grain of salt, who knows how reliable the information is. Of the spoilers, I’ve only included the part about the ending because I find it most reliable, considering the picture.

So regarding the ending , “After Sze-man Wan Shun returns back to contemporary Hong Kong, he painfully waits 30 years before going once again to the Three Kingdoms period where he gets a heart attack, and dies by Tavia Yeung Song Yau’s side.”

Source: HKchannel weibo


8 thoughts on “Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國: Impression and Ending Spoiler

  1. I feel the same exact way -_- I actually tried to defend Kenneth’s character in the beginning. I thought that he would have changed by now from annoying to more mature but boy was I wrong. 10 episodes have been out already and he has failed to change in any sort of way.
    I feel that Tavia should have played Kaki’s role…she would have stood out more and bought something more to the character.

    • I’ve never thought of that, but that is very true! I find myself also annoyed with Mrs.Chu-kot/Kaki Leung…I think if it were played by a better actress like Tavia Yeung, the character has much more potential to elicit pathos.

  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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