Triumph in the Skies 2: Let’s all beat the writer in the head.

I have SO MUCH resentment for Triumph in the Skies 2 right now, it’s not even funny.

A few weeks ago, the HKChannel weibo released some information/spoilers about Triumph in the Skies 2. I was enraged but was hopeful before anything is confirmed. So I took it with a grain of salt.  However, on the 18th (yesterday), Triumph in the Skies 2 held a press conference with the cast and staff, and whatta-you-know-it, I hear confirmation from the actors themselves and I had to refrain from breaking my laptop, to say the least.

So this is how things will pan out:

  1. Francis Ng – Reprises the role as Sam 唐亦深 (yay, right? Read on.), he will develop romantically with Fala Chen‘s character after Zoe dies (WTF right? I know!)
  2. Myolie Wu – Oh, if you think Myolie Wu is off this drama due to Zoe’s death, then nope.  Big fat nope, in fact, this is the BIGGEST whatthefuckery about this drama.  Wu will return as Zoe for, oh, a good TWO episode. Then, Zoe dies.  And comes back alive Wu becomes another character who falls for Issac (Ron Ng).
  3. Fala Chen – The female leg of the love triangle with Sam and Chilam Cheung’s character.  I guess TVB is aiming to get Fala Chen as the next TVB Television Queen (視后)  because why else would they ruin the whole entire storyline so that Chen can play the most important character in here?!
  4. Chilam Cheung – Women’s man, play boy type of character.  Gets romantically tangled with Fala Chen and love rival of Sam.
  5. Ron Ng- Issac, again.  He develops feeling but is conflicted to start a relationship with girl possessing his late sister-in-law’s face (I’ll say. That’s not awkward or anything).
  6. Kenneth Ma – Picks up his old role as Roy.  Cool, I am fine with that.  But I am not a fan of his pairing with Elena Kong 江美儀, and this is a preference thing.

Really?! If this is the sequel you are going to feed me, then I prefer that you rewrite the whole friggin thing.  In fact, the trailer from the TVB Sales Presentation is better than this. I mean, does no one think it’s effing weird that if Wu’s new character ends up marrying Issac, Sam has to see that Zoe doppleganger everyday, but can still fall for someone else. That face doesn’t bring back any memories? No? OK. Whatever.


I’ve always known not to trust TVB with ANY sequels, but this is PLAIN butchering.  I can’t even.

I honestly have NOTHING to look forward to now.  At this point, I really don’t care if everyone die off.  I am gonna act like this never happened and that Triumph in the Skies ends when Sam and Zoe got married.


11 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Let’s all beat the writer in the head.

  1. same!!!!!!! ok even though i wasn’t even a big fan of the zoe sam relationship in the first place, but what is with TVB making people die and come back as a different person and its myolie doing that again (hello wish and switch). but really as you said the sales presentation was better than this. and what??? and sammual’s gone although it was expected, but bosco??! hello? how are they going to even explain that? and basically all that matter ie S4 and zita and the original characters are gone, they might as well call it something else altogether. instead of getting our hopes up. it’s also said that myolie’s going to cut her hair short (what? again? it just grew back T^T) for the role cause she’s supposed to be a tomboy. this is just me but i like her better with medium to long hair >_<

    • Right? They are just keeping some old characters to fish in old fans, but is then screwing everything up for the fans!
      If Bosco Wong reprises his old, at least we get 3 of the old S4. Everything about the sequel is screaming “FAIL” to me.
      Now, this srew-up is making me worry for The Hippocratic Crush sequel. Are the gonna Kill off Tavia Yeung to bring her back as a new character?!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT??? It’s utter stupidness to kill off Zoe and then bring her back. Like if she’s died and Myolie doesn’t appear anywhere in the series, it’d be better. TVB IS SO STUPID. And Fala as the main female lead, gosh, she’s gonna ruin the whole thing!!!

  3. omg T.T I had only watched the TVB sales presentation clip, and was soooo looking forward to this sequel!! as if they would even consider having fala be the lead role in front of myolie?! why???!?! (albeit fala is indeed a good actress… but still…) i’m kinda amazed francis actually agreed to come back for such a supposedly badly written script/cast. gah ><.
    thank you for your awesome post!

  4. I know its you guys opinion but still, there’s no need to moan about it. To be honest i don’t think its that bad. If you guys don’t want to watch it, you don’t have to. I know you guys are just sharing your thoughts and feeling but no need for the harsh comments and plus fala chen won’t destroy the drama. I think that is just rude to say that. And myolie and fala chen is both main female actress so its not fala who is the only one.

    • Actually, I LIKE Fala Chan.
      Second, I didn’t say she, personally will ruin the drama. What I said was that, to so forcefully yank Zoe out of the storyline and insert another actress as lead, they must really want to give the role to another girl and put her really front and center. See, my problem is with the script and TVB.

  5. i have not watched the first one,but i think the sequal is okay~
    but thats because of Chilam Cheung is in it, And Oh do i find him a hottty!

    but i hate how kenneth ma got suck a crap role,,,,,,,,,,,,his role is so like unimportant, its such like a little story by it self,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wish he got a better role, hahaaha =^=

  6. honestly, i really agree with you… when you come to think of it… yes, Sam is gonna face Zoe’s doppleganger everyday… but being the faithful lover, he feels fine and is stuck with his new lover… i mean WTF too!!!! come on, writing a plot means to make something realistic that you can imagine and relate to real life as well right?
    and Issac is with his sister-in-law doppleganger everyday? come on? how can u live with that?
    its so illogical and… doesn’t make sense to me..
    the Sam that we all see in TITS is a very faithful person… i can’t understand and can’t get it..
    as to Fala, i’ve heard too many things about her attitude etc… her character… not really pleasing… anyway, i’ll stop with that.
    i’m just upset with the change of Sam’s character.. I mean, this is NOT the Sam I saw in TITS… its very hard, and cannot understand… even Francis mentioned he didn’t understand why Sam can forget his ex-wife when he is a very faithful person and ends up with someone else…
    Sharon is good in TITS, but i’m so happy of her with Vincent… although not a happy ending…
    but Sam and Zoe… they’ve worked so hard to get together and just because they wanna promote Fala… they just ruin this couple….
    it just doesn’t make sense, i feel i’m not seeing the Sam that I like in here…

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