Tiger Cubs: Episodes 2 & 3

Apologies for the major delay. I had a clusterfuck of mandatory writing (i.e. for class) to the brows that I had no time for leisure writing (i.e. this blog). School was totally kicking me in the a$$. But all of that is (temporarily) behind me, and I am back!
Since the second episode was less sardine-packed than the first, it’s more convenient and efficient for me to fuse 2 and 3 in one recap. Here goes…

Episode 2

Another SDU training session proceeds. Man, these guys do not rest! Hok Lai poses as the hostage while Chun Hin is the attacker.  Chun Hin is ordered to lead be group and push on forward but he holds back and only breaks into the building after much prodding.  This naturally earns him scolding from Hon To.

Hon To and Cheuk Yuen single Hok Lai out for sniper training to play a prank on him nurture his patience, which involves staring at one area for 4 hours with no bathroom breaks.  This does it for Hok Lai. He goes directly to SDU Superintendent Leung Sir to report a complaint, citing Hon To is biased for not putting him in a position of his forte (attacker).  Snitching is NOT cool, dude.

Leung Sir lets Hon To handle it himself, but “doesn’t want people to think his SDU team has problems.” Why does this sound vaguely familiar?

Hon To is unsure of the likes and dislikes of Wai Wai so Cheuk Yuen helps Hon To pick and buy a vintage car to use for the proposal.  Chin Mommy has prepared a feast for dinner/proposal.  Too bad Wai Wai calls to say she has gone on a spontaneous trip to Phuket with a few friends instead, much to Chin Mommy and Daddy’s disappointment

Cheuk Wah gets news from an informant that a group of mainlander is planning to come down to Hong Kong for big money, a.k.a. robbery. However her team doubts the creditability of the information.

Cut to a rural neighborhood in Mainland China. A woman is being dragged out of her house by a group of men because of her debt to a Loan Shark. Luckily, her husband, Chun Sum (Kenny Wong), comes back in time and single-handedly takes down the men with ease.  Already you know he is a skilled fighter of sort.

Turns out, their son is sick and sent to the hospital in Hong Kong and the two are in dire need of money. Sum promises his wife he will take care of the financial issues and will go to Hong Kong for a few days. We all know he can’t be planning anything good.

The SDU member has to go through a special 3 days, 2 nights outing training at an isolated island.  2 members to a team, with no food or weapon, but there will be emergency pouches distributed along the way containing food, compass, or other helpful items. Each team must make it to the assigned destination within the time frame. Members will run into designated attackers, defeat the attackers and get time dock off total time to complete mission or get defeated and be punished with added time.

Chun Hin and Hok Lai, of course, are in a group.  They quickly find a pouch with two power bars.  Hok Lai is confident he will find other pouches and want to eat it all, Chun Hin is cautious and wants to conserve some for later.  By the lake, Chun Hin wants to look out while Hok Lai wash but is chastised by Hok Lai so they end up washing their faces together. With their backs turned, they get kicked in to the lake by Hon To.  Time gets added.

Next Hok Lai finds a pouch hanging from a tree but Cheuk Yuen & Partner also discover the pouch at the same time. While Cheuk Yuen and Hok Lai compete, the tussling sends Hok Lai down from the tree but Cheuk Yuen’s attempt to save him ends up bringing him falling under Hok Lai.  Cheuk Yuen breaks his leg and is excused from the outing. Chun Hin and Hok Lai loses time from taking injured Cheuk Yuen back to the base, they are not pardoned. This makes them desperate, particularly Hok Lai, to seek out attackers to win back time.

Cheuk Yuen goes back home to a worried Cheuk Wah.  It’s the first time Cheuk Wah cooks for him since she moved back after her fiancé’s death. Siblings bonding, aw. I want a brother like Cheuk Yuen. Or boyfriend.

Cheuk Wah’s team stake out by the shore due to the previous information.  The stake out yields no results since Chun Sum and friend are notified last minute about the police and make a detour to a nearby island…where SDU are training. Har, the irony.

Chun Hin and Hok Lai find a group of designated attackers and chase them down but lose them.  They split ways to better capture to attackers, much to Chun Hin’s reluctance. However, Chin Hin is quickly captured…not by the designated attackers of the SDU training, but by Chun Sum and a friend.  Friend wants to kill off Chun Hin but Sum doesn’t want to.  He wants to hold Chun Hin hostage until a friend comes to pick them up the next day.

Ho Lai realizes Chun Hin is missing and goes looking for him. He discovers Chun Hin tied up and thinks Chun Hin is captured by the training’s designated attackers.  He goes in to save Chun Hin and belatedly realizes that the two aren’t the training’s attackers. Hok Lai is captured as well.

It’s the end of the training; every member arrived at the assigned destination but Hok Lai and Chun Hin.  Hon To realizes something is up and everyone goes searching for them around the island. Hon To and subordinate, Ma Da find them.  They take down Sum’s friend and rescue Hok Lai and Chun Hin.

Sum runs and Hon To chases.  They wrestle each other and Sum quickly finds another chance to escape when he sees Hon To’s group is catching up.  Sum finally reaches dead-end at a cliff.  Hon To inches closer, ready to arrest him but Sum jumps off the cliff.

The case is passed to Cheuk Wah’s team and Hon To fills them in on the information.  Chun Hin has heard when he was captured that Sum’s son is sick in a Hong Kong Hospital.  This is their only lead.

Sum visits his son in the hospital and promises that he will be the first person his son sees after his surgery.

Next day, Sum and accomplices rob a jeweler.  Cheuk Wah’s team catches up to them and a shooting galore breaks out. The police is no match for Sum’s group’s machine guns and crouch behind cars.  At that moment, Cheuk Wah’s thought trails to her fiancé blaming her for his dead.  This mental guilt-trip does something to Cheuk Wah and she walks out to shoot, fearless of death…and suicidal.  She is shot but no damage is done thanks to her bullet proof vest.

Episode 3

Cheuk Wah’s finds the location where Sum’s son is hospitalized and heads there. At the same time, Sum & Co. are also heading there after Sum receive a call for mthe hospital notifying him that there are some sudden change to his son’s condition and he needs surgery right away.

Sum & Co. wait outside the operating room as Chuek Wah’s team surrounds the area in discrete. However, Cheuk Wah’s team decides it’s too dangerous and wants to call for the SDU. Meanwhile,  Sum and one of Sum’s accomplices (here on, Accomplice A) gets in an disagreement; Accomplice A wants to leave immediately but Sum insist on waiting until surgery is completed.

The SDU team secretly prepares.  They invade the hospital and monitor the hospital through cameras from a nearby room.

Sum and accomplices notice the SDU attackers around the corner and fire.  They quickly back up into the operating room to hide. They ruin the security camera in the room, so the SDU at the monitoring room have no idea what is going on inside.   The SDU is uncertain but decide to hold off attack for a while since the doctor are performing surgery.

The doctor and nurses are naturally appalled at the sudden invasion, especially since Accomplish A puts a gun at doctor’s head.  He wants to take Doc as hostage to escape immediately.  Sum disagrees, He and Accomplice A wrestles and one of their guns fire at a medical machine. But Sum successfully threatens him to let Doc finish the surgery. Sum ensures Doc they won’t hurt them and pleads them to continue the surgery.  Doc said he can’t since the machine they shot is broken, on top of that one of the nurses faint of fear. Sum calls the SDU and tell them to prepare another machine in 5 minutes or he will kill a nurse (though he is bluffing and have no intentions to).

Hon To concocts a plan to send in a SDU member impersonated as a medical employee. So Man Keung (Mandy Wong), a support technician within the SDU Team volunteers herself since she had medical experience (I’ll say).  The plan is for her to bring the machine to the operation room and the camera hidden on her will allow the SDU Team to observe the movement within the operation room.

Man Keung effectively infiltrates into the room and help with the surgery.  The surgery had a minor ripple towards the end but is successfully completed, nonetheless.  Man Keung signals as much to the camera. Sum wants to let the medical team go since the Doc need to watch over his son but the accomplices insist on holding them as hostage. Man Keung suggest herself as hostage if they let the others go. Thus, the medical team makes it out to safety. Sum contacts the SDU again and ask for a car. He states that he do not want to see any police, he will shoot the nurse/Man Keung once for every police he sees.  But after he hangs up he promises to Man Keung he won’t kill her since she saved his son. They walk out the operation room and head towards the stairs with Man Keung in hand. Sum and Man Keung make it to the stairs. But the accomplices and the SDU attacker break out into a gun fight where both of the accomplices die.

Sum holds on to Man Keung and carries on, The SDU team follows his track.  He reaches a window and readies to jump out but Man Keung stops him.  He pushes her aside and her cap falls off, revealing the camera.  He realizes she’s police and points his gun at her…

Chun Hin makes it in time and shoots him in the head, the other SDU members cathces up.  Sum bleeds heavily as the screen flashes to his son in the hospital and his wife waiting for him at home. He falls and the rest of the SDU members enter.

The SDU members lament over Sum’s death at Hon To’s parents’ bar.  Perhaps he’s made a few wrong decisions, but everything was for his son’s sake, he was a good father.  Hon To tries to play it down to comfort the team, but he is equally affected.

Hon To sulks about Chun Sum alone at home as Wai Wai (who has returned from Phuket) is about to leave the house to go have a few drinks with her friends.  However, she turns back last minute.  She decides not to go, noticing he is down. She worries what’s wrong but Hon To keeps mum.

Wai Wai however finds out eventually from Cheuk Yuen when she meets up with him the next day.  She pouts that Hon To never shares his grief with her, making her feel disconnected.  Cheuk Yuen cheers her up and they spend time together. They get off the taxi together and Wai Wai realizes that her phone is missing, She tries to stop the Taxi to no avail.  Cheuk Yuen sees this and chases after the Taxi with his limping leg, as Wai Wai finds the phone in her bag.  She looks on Cheuk Yuen chasing the Taxi with a glint of tenderness.

She runs after him to tell him he really doesn’t have to run so vigorously for a mere phone.  He comments that of course he should. It was hard work to get the famous artist to personally decorate and sign her cell phone case for her birthday, giving away that it was him who went out of his way for the gift, not Hon To.

Hok Lai’s Dad is hospitalized due to a heart attack and he rushes there to see Yu Daddy.  Turns out, Daddy Yu is a millionaire and Hok Lai is a rich second generation. At the Hospital, it’s evident that Dad takes issue with Hok Lai’s older sister’s boyfriend.  Daddy sees Hok Yan’s boyfriend, Michael, as a gold digger.

Hok Lai is photographed by paparazzi and revealed as a millionaire’s son.  The SDU members tease him which he does not find amusing at all. He does suspect Hon To’s indifference and accuses Hon To of being prejudiced towards him because of his wealth. He assumes Hon To dislikes him and thinks he’s not serious about SDU. Hon To simply says he trains everyone the same.

The hospitalization makes Yu Daddy realizes his age so he decides to draft a will.  The will specifies to leave the company to Hok Lai rather than Hok Yan much to both the siblings’ dissatisfaction.  Hok Yan has worked hard for the company and Hok Lai does not want to ever take over the company.

Hok Yan sighs about the situation to Michael on a date and he encourages her.  However, Michael is mugged on their date, he confessed that he took out a (illegitimate) loan for an investment but the investment failed.  He now owes them 10 million dollars.

The next day, Hok Yan goes to dad to borrow money.  Daddy is unsurprisingly annoyed. He says he knew Michael is a up-to-no-good gold-digger and firmly rejects to help.

Cheuk Wah goes to Chin Parents’ bar to ask the bartender/ex-convict about a certain loan shark and old friend of his (hmmm, I wonder which loan shark we are talking about here (sarcasm)).  Bartender says he has not kept in touched with said loan shark after he was released from prison.  No information here, but she does get to meet the Chin Parents, introduces herself as Cheuk Yuen’s sister and thanks them for taking care of little bro.

Hon To proposes to Wai Wai that night with the vintage car decorated romantically. She momentarily forgets her doubt about their relationship and is genuinely happy. But Hon To mentions that Cheuk Yuen helped with decoration and that brings her out of bliss. She directly rejects him and requets to break up.  Wai Wai honestly admits she doesn’t have the feelings for him anymore…but she’s found this feeling on someone else (really? You’re gonna say THAT?!)

Cheuk Yuen goes to Wai Wai to confront her about the break-up, asking her to reconsider since Hon To really like her.  Wai Wai candidly says the one she likes is him, not Hon To.  She reasons that she always has much more to talk about with Cheuk Yuen.  She also knows Cheuk Yuen also liked her when they first met but backed down because Hon To also like her. She knows Cheuk Yuen still likes her. Cheuk Yuen tries to deflect her but she confidently challenges, “Do you dare say you’ve never like me?” Wai Wai cuts off his answer and says she needs to board her flight now, but hopes he’d seriously consider their relationship and give her an satisfactory answer when she returns.  She kisses him goodbye, which stuns him.

We pan out and see Man Keung has witnessed this whole conversation.  She gives Cheuk Yuen the stink-eyes and they bicker.  Man Keung accuses him of stealing a best friend’s girlfriend and he firmly denies any feeling for Wai Wai (but he doesn’t sound convinced himself).  Why are they so cute? Can we make them a couple?

At Michael’s house he is sacked to pulp by his creditors. Hok Yan makes a timely entrance into the house and gets detained.  She pleads for their freedom and promises to help them kidnap her own dad for ransom money.

The moring after, Hok Yan goes on a morning walk with dad as per the kidnap plan.  She is surprised to hear from Dad that Hok Lai is surposed to meet up with them.  She calls Hok Lai to stall him but he is already nearby.

Dad is captured while standing alone. Hok Lai arrives just in time to witness this and chases after the car. He takes a shortcut and jumps from a upper hill onto the car top.  The car stops abruptly and swings Hok Lai a few yards in front the car.  The car readies to run over Hok Lai and….the credits roll.


Episode 2 slows down considerably (but still a good episode) and when I was watching it I actually thought not much has happened but when recapping it..there are so much to jot down! At Episode 3, the dramapicked up its pace gain similar to Episode 1, it keeps me on the edge of my seat.

I really enjoy the Chun Sum arch.  I appreciate that although this is a cop drama, it doesn’t illustrate everything as just black and white, because there are gray areas, like Chun Sum.  He has done some questionable things but he’s a kind-hearted man that hardships in life have pushed down the wrong path.

I really don’t care much about Wai Wai as her acting is mediocre (read: flat) and the character isn’t too interesting either.  And what’s with her telling Hon To she’s fallen for someone else? Couldn’t you tell him your personalities don’t match, which is what you told Cheuk Yuen? Why would you tell Hon To that and go persue Cheuk Yuen, are you TRYING to create drama?

As cruel as this sounds, I want her to quickly break upwit Hon To in order to make room for Hon To and Cheuk Wah progress.  Chop, chop! We only have 10 more episodes left and when their relationship develops there’s got to be lots of complications to dig into about Cheuk Wah’s depression, guilt and suicidal attempts.

And yes, I’ve pretty much confirmed that Cheuk Wah’s guts of bravery are actually suicidal attempts. She is not fearless of death but actually wants to die.

About Hon To, it’s funny that he’s our main lead but by now we have known very little about him. We know he has a mom, a dad, a girlfriend he doesn’t know much about, and he keeps to himself.  That’s it.  We need deeper stuff to work with in order to connect and feel for our hero!

What a waste to have Cheuk Yuen, my favorite character thus far, to pair up with Wai Wai. I find that he has a cute chemistry going on with Man Keung (perhaps from this). I definitely want to see their squabblings blossom into something romantic. Unfortunately, from what I’ve gathered, it’s not going to happen.  Man Keung actually becomes a couple with Hok Lai.

Oh speaking of Hok Lai, what an irritating character. I get he’s supposed to be hot-headed but passionate. Yet his character is not at all portrayed likable and I am sure that it can be done somehow. I hope I like him more in later episodes after he gets schooled by Hon To.

Last, note that after episode 3, this drama will broadcast two episodes every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays.  Kinda similar to the Korean drama schedules, I am sure everyone is familiar with that. And I will try to be more timely with the recaps.


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  1. “I want a brother like Cheuk Yuen. Or boyfriend.” AGREED.

    AND UGH I don’t want Man Keung with Hok Lai!!!!! She has great chemistry with Chuk Yeun!

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