Sam A.K.A 唐亦琛 is back… and on Weibo, nonetheless

Let’s all rejoice…for a social network post.

Sam/唐亦琛 (Francis Ng) has returned…on weibo (the Chinese counterpart of Twitter).  Ng has gone all out to change his entire weibo profile to his character’s name (though his url is still .com/francisng, harhar). He’s previously posted–which is deleted by now– that from July forward he will be Sam and not “Ng XX,” and everyone should direct him as such, all persons referring him as Ng will be blocked. Heh.

Also, he will delete his posts every week as to not leak any story plots and what-not.  He points out that filming is out of sequence and his posts will follow the order of the filming. Hence, no one will know what he is talking about. To us his posts may seem out of the blues and incoherent.

Today is his first official weibo post as Sam, and he nonetheless speaks as if he is a pilot, which makes me all giddy!

(Click for bigger image)

Translation (cause I am nice like that ^.^):

微博這兩個字對一個民航機師來說,是有一定程度的保留,零博才是我們的專業要求,意思是每一次都要做到零風險,不能有博的成份,一份精淮的飛行計劃是不可 少的,把所有將會發生的變化都要計算在內,才可安全地把乘客送到目的地。那我的人生又誰來幫我做這份計劃,為何她縂是不斷的不在我預期中!唐亦琛

The two words Wei Bo (a pun on the social network, weibo, and wei bo as in “to slightly gamble”), for a pilot, is something we have reservations about. Ling Bo (zero gamble) is what is required of our profession. Meaning, every time, we must achieve zero risk, there can not be any percentage of gamble.  An accurate flyingplan is a must, it takes any changes that will happen  under consideration, so it’s possible to bring every passenger safely to destination. Then, who will make the plan for my life, why it is when it comes to her, everything is always not within my plans! -Tang Yik Sum (Sam)

Is he referring to Zoe (Myolie Wu)? IS HE?! If so, what happened to them? Did they break up…yet again? Oh, the curiosity.  He sure knows how to keep us on our seats about the drama.

Anyways, what’s this all means is that Sam Ng has returned to TVB to start filming Triumph in the Skies 2! Spazz, spazz, spazz!

I am all hyped up about the drama again…and on top of that,it has been confirm, Kate Tsui will not be part of the drama.  Double cheers!


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