Is No Good Either Way 衝呀! 瘦薪兵團…any good? (Revised Thoughts)

After the successful The Other Truth, Ruco Chan takes on another lead role with No Good Either Way. The former left a great impression with me about Chan and I suspect he is not far from starsiusang-dom. So I was excited to see what his next role will be, it’s too bad that No Good Either Way pales in comparison with his last leading role.

The drama follows a group of office workers–Mo Ngaa Lik/Alex (Chan), his friend as well as coworker Man Gaa Waa (Louis Yuen), girlfriend Ling Ling Jing (Kristal Tin)– and the hijinks that ensue at their workplace, GOALTECH Scientific. Alex and Gaa Waa is in a dire situation as a ruthless general manager is put in charged of them and thwart their promotion to managers.   They must outsmart the nerve-racking office political games in order to make it to the top of the office ladder.

Office politics aren’t the most interesting subject and I don’t really remember any recent TVB dramas that handle this topic well. The end results are usually bland to say the least and this is no exception.  I watched the first few episodes and it leaves me blank. I find myself not having much to say besides…well, it’s uninteresting. But it does improve in the later episodes.

None of the characters really stick with me as much as I am ready to embrace ex-Keith-now-Alex and like him. He’s actually holding up well on his own, just that I am not captured and maybe slightly annoyed at his character a few times. I expected quick laughs here and that to balance out the lackluster topic because Yuen is the resident comedian and Tin proved to be a quirky person in real life. Alas, I am left woefully disappointed with the first two episodes.

The third episode does get somewhat better with some homosexual jokes and the drama gets increasing better with episodes, plot-wise, it’s still meh, but the laughs in later episodes did make up for it.  Also, there is  the charming addition of Jason Chan.  I’ve always been fond of Jason Chan whose acting is sometimes stiff and awkward, but he’s charming (and cute!) so I will give him time to improve. Hopefully he won’t take too long.

It’s funny that though I am not in love with the drama, I like the rapport between Ruco Chan and Kristal Tin who play an item.  I actually confess to initially finding the pairing of these two odd, but it’s working out. I can’t yet say it’s sizzling chemistry but they have a cute vibe going on. Their little interaction and gestures are very coupley and natural.

For now I am just catching a few more episodes here and there when I have time.  I am at the wait and see stance, but by this point into the drama, I can tell it’s not gonna capture my heart even I do end up enjoying it immensely.


I’ve learned my lesson. I think with TVB dramas, it’s best to give it 10 eps before I decide to like it (or not) and form an impression.  I’ve gone through a good 8 episodes of No Good Either Way, and though I can’t say it’s in my “Like/Love” territory, I am certainly enjoying it more now.  It’s light on the plot and consistent with the laughs. It is amusing enough and I am watching it now just so I have something to watch.  In the long term, I don’t think this drama will leave a lasting impact. Y’know, it’s just another one of those TVB dramas (you watch and you forget).


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