Big Ol’ Impression Post: Daddy Good Deeds, Sergeant Tabloid, and House of Harmony and Vengeance

The blog is dead recently because it has been difficult to find a drama I can follow consistently.  I am not even asking for something I can go bat-shit fangirling over, but a decent drama I can just casually keep up with.  Certain dramas I can’t even muster enough interest to even check out (Gloves Come Off) and for those I actually bother to invest (some) time and even follow through, here are my two cents:

Daddy Good Deeds 當旺爸爸

It’s a decent drama, actually.  And I have a soft spot for veteran actor Ha Yu.   He plays Ko Yi Man (commonly known as “Man Suk” or “Uncle Man”), the dedicated father  of 3 children.  His children are eldest son Ko Wai Ting/Wilson (Mak Cheung Ching), daughter Ko Yu Chu (Linda Chung) and daughter Ko Yu Bo (Cilla Kung).  The other characters that round up the cast are Nancy Wu‘s Wan Yuen Ha as wife of son, Steven Ma‘s Lam Fat/Fat Dat Jai as sort of relatives to the Ko’s and Edwind Siu‘s Yip Kuai/Ah Yap as also sort of relative to the Ko’s.  The drama basically centers around the family, their family business pawn shop, and how they stick together through the ups and downs of each member.

The drama is entertaining in a silly and dumb way. Its humor is usually goofiness and body gags which can and do sometimes veer to being lame but overall didn’t bother me too much. Oh, speaking of lameness, characters busting out a few lines of cheesy rhymes in every episode is not cool or funny, wasn’t back in Can’t Buy Me Love, still not. Can’t help but roll my eyes every time they do it.  Anyways, I did find myself laughing out loud a few times, so the silliness is mostly amusing.

The relationship and bond between the characters are cute but I can’t really buy it completely. I find them too over-the-top and farfetched. So, though I find them amusing together,  I wasn’t emotional invested.  There were no pathos. I don’t personally connect with any of the characters and their obstacles.  In scenes that are supposedly touching, I am withdrawn and they don’t really get me in the guts (say, like the familial bonds in The Hippocratic Crush).

As for the actors, Edwin Siu’s character is most endearing and is my favorite character of the bunch.  From his bowl shaped hair cut to his femininity, he is funny and convincing.  Ah Yap is a lovely addition to the cast.  I believe this is his best role so far.  Another notable mention is Linda Chung. Before, I would find her rather conscious and too self-aware in comedies, whereas here, I realized she is more expressive, more daring to make faces and make fun of herself.  I wouldn’t say it’s a big improvement in her acting, just a nice step up. On the other hand, Cilla Kung overacts like there is no tomorrow.  There is no subtly in her portrayal of Yu Chu.  She’s probably one of the reasons why I don’t like this drama more.

Sergeant Tabloid 女警愛作戰

I am really on the fence about this one.  I can’t decide if I like it or not.  Going into it, I really wanted to like it, I like the idea of a drama centered about policewomen, y’know, girl power and women as the heroes!  Unfortunately, the writing is serviceable but flat.  The story–along with the romance between Niki Chow‘s Lui Fei Hap and Laughing Gor’s Michael Tse‘s Laam Yat Yat–is not compelling.  For one thing, the romantic relationship starts blossoming at episode 16 of a 20 episodes drama. Yeah, it took its sweet ass time. Yet, when it eventually progresses, it was in a realistic way.  There is no big romantic confession of feelings declaration, just a date and a natural holding of hands.

Also, for a police drama, the pace is rather slow, actually it’s not a very policey drama at all.  It’s not procedural or about cases and polices. It’s more about how a group girl friends whose careers are policewomen and how they deal with society, family, romance and life due to their dual but (somewhat) contradicting roles as polices and as girls.  Tse is the reporter that keeps clashing with our policewomen because of his exaggerated, insulting and false articles about the girls.  He is, of course, the “tabloid” part of the drama title.

One thing I want to point out is that I keep seeing traces of “Laughing Gor” in Tse. It’s probably how he portrays the character or his hair-cut or it’s the slyness and arrogance of the character, but I just cannot unsee Laughing Gor. It could be just me.

I didn’t find any character particularly loveable, so again, I was emotionally detached.  I care about how things will pan out, but I didn’t care enough.  I might’ve even skipped a few episodes in between and didn’t even bother to go back to watch them. But I did manage to make it to the end.

House of Harmony and Vengeance 耀舞長安

I really don’t have much opinion to offer about this drama. I put off starting this drama but one extremely boring day, I was like, “Why the heck not…since I am bored as eff and I am not about to go watch Gloves Come Off?” But something happened to my attention span, and I checked out after about 15-20 minutes into episode 1.  I don’t know why I couldn’t just make myself sit through at least one episode of it.  So, I can’t even give you a synopsis since I didn’t watch enough to get the gist of the story, I do know, however,in this drama is Bobby Au-Yeung, Mak Cheung Ching, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung.  The only opinion I can offer is that, it didn’t capture me the first 15 minutes I’ve watched it.  And I am usually a Bobby Au-Yeung lover. (Man, I gotta say, his recent projects are like bleh.  Men with No Shadows, anyone?  I sat through that just for the love of Bobby Au-Yeung and Raymond Lam alone).  However, if I have been misled by the first 15 minutes, and it’s actually a god damn wonderful drama, please let me know.  Maybe I can be convinced to go back to it.

UPDATE: As I mentioned in the comment below, I did eventually go back to House of Harmony and Vengeance to watch a fairly good chunk.  And it’s not because the drama has gotten a lot better from episode 1.  The plot points are SO redundant. The whole drama revolves around THREE issues that keep popping up…and then get push back later to pop up again and postpone some more. It’s like a never ending circle, only it does end on episode 30 when the issues are all resolved only on the VERY LAST EPISODE, patted with a happy ending. How horribly TVB-esque.  In essence, I tried to enjoy the drama for the sake of Bobby Au-Yeung and Myolie Wu, but the drama didn’t aim to be anything but dull.

My real opinions based on actually watching pretty much end here…..But!

If anyone is wondering about my non-existing thoughts (since I haven’t watched one single second) on Gloves Come Off 拳王,  I already reiterated twice in this post that I really can’t bring myself to watch it. I really don’t care for it because 1) the cast doesn’t appeal me and 2) a plot about Thai boxing aint mah thang.  I was never a fan of Kevin Cheng. It’s not to say I dislike him, I am just whatever about him, waiting for him to pick up a role I love and then I can jump on the Kevin Cheng boat.  In addition, I find the main actresses of that drama, Selina Li and Natalie Tong, mostly annoying,  the latter more than the former. Tong can not act for shiet and doesn’t have charm for me to overlook her crappy acting either.  The only interest I have for this drama is Raymond Wong, who I started to like after his Bottled Passion.  Yet, I am not quite a fan and not willing to sit through Gloves Come Off for him.

Of course, all of the above are my personal opinion. And if you enjoyed all of these dramas immensely, that’s cool and I wish I can say the same.

Last, is anyone else tired of seeing Linda Chung? I don’t hate her but I really don’t need to see her in every drama.  It’s only the May of 2012 and she has been in, like what, 3 dramas? Well, gosh, she’s busy.

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4 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Impression Post: Daddy Good Deeds, Sergeant Tabloid, and House of Harmony and Vengeance

  1. I totally agree with you on your accurate assessments of these few dramas. Daddy is a good fluff while I eat my rice:) Sergeant is forgettable. House of Harmony is boring & daggy so do not go back no matter how much you love Bobby. Do not touch Gloves even with a 10 foot barge-pole. You can give Master of Play a chance if you can tolerate Jonathan Chik’s slow story telling style. He has some fresh ideas but his drama is not for everyone. Like me, you can seek out korea,taiwan or china drama to substitute TVB.

    • Haha, “good fluff while I eat my rice.” =D
      I watched more of House of Harmony eventually, and my updated opinion? It is very predictable and not very deep. In fact, I already did predict that there would be a Prince and Pauper thing just by the very little I watched in episode 1.
      I started on Master of Play and it give off a “When Heaven Burns” vibe, thanks for pointing out the same producer, now it makes sense.
      Since we are on the subject, my opinion is that the airing Taiwanese dramas really just suck (the last decent ones I saw were Office Girls and In Time With You).

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