The Rest of The Hippocratic Crush: Episodes 21 – 25 End

Very overdue post about ending of The Hippocratic Crush. I still love this drama, I swear. It’s just that a lot has been happening and I’ve been dealing with stuff.

There are just way too many, details, conflicts, events for EVERYONE at the last five episodes of The Hippocratic Crush that there is no simple way I can include them all in one post. So, instead I will just discuss the major conflicts and maybe mention and gloss over the minor ones of the last 5 eps. This is a highlights post rather than a real recap.

Of course, the two last major conflicts are…drum roll…Yat Hong’s death and Zi Yu’s tumor.

Also, warning: I may’ve went a little screencap-crazy for episode 25. I would screencap and include every scene of it if I could.

On a relative note, the show bowed out at a series high with an average of 37 points and peaking at 39 points. That’s really high, so high it’s actually TVB’s highest rated drama of 2012, granted we are only 3 months into the year. Oh, guess what? Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung confirmed that there will be a sequel. I am equally excited and perplexed by this news (more on this later). So without further ado…

Yat Hong’s Death

Yat Hong wins a fencing competition with the encouragement of Jing Jing. She also accepts his confession and becomes his girlfriend. Everyone cheers and celebrate for Yat Hong’s victory and success in love.

During the celebration, Yat Hong and Jing Jing goes to buy more beer. Something should reaaaally tip you off that it’s farewell to Yat Hong since before he leaves the celebration, he turns back, smiles to everyone…in slow-motion.

After a trip to the convenience store, Jing and Yat Hong takes a romantic walk back to the restaurant. On the walk back, Yat Hong witnesses a bottom flying down and ready to hit a old man in a wheel chair, he jumps in to push the man out of the way. The bottle unfortunately lands on Yat Hong’s head. He is rushed to the hospital where Yat Kin and Mother join them.

They are notified that Yat Hong’s skull is shattered and and that they will need to perform surgery to remove the skull pieces. Yat Kin also joins the other doctors to perform surgery on Yat Hong. During surgery the doctors discover Yat Hong’s brain is actually bleeding on the other side and his pupil is widening (not good, ever!). They couldn’t stop the bleeding in time and fail to save Yat Hong. Yat Hong is announced brain dead. The only thing keeping him alive are the hospital devices.

Needless to say, everyone is devastated. Yat Kin and Mom take it especially harsh, Mom even faints from the news. But then Mom wakes up more accepting of Yat Hong’s death. She lets Yat Kin know she had a dream of a healthy Yat Hong running around on his feet and Yat Hong told her he is happy where he is now. This dream relieves Mom.

Yat Kin and Mom tearfully say good-bye to Yat Hong one last time before deciding to unplug him from the machines. A man working for the hospital approaches them about Yat Hong’s wish to donate his organs. Mom points out that Yat Hong is always passionate about helping others and if it is his last wish, she has no reason to oppose. Yat Kin perform the procedure to remove Yat Hong’s organs and sew him back up together. I love the juxaposition of this shot, Yat Hong is at the end of his journey but on the other end, some one is being saved by his heart (literally) and his act of kindness.

Yat Kin can’t get over how he was unable to save Yat Hong and places himself responsible for Yat Hong’s death. He sits at the basketball court brooding over his brother and past memories with him, which is where Zi Yu finds him. Yat Kin admits to Zi Yu over tears that Yat Hong didn’t come to his dreams, he deduces Yat Hong must be avoiding him because he can’t forgive Yat Kin. Zi Yu tries her best to console Yat Kin but is shocked to hear such superstitious talk from the always confident doctor Yat Kin.

Yat Kin surprises everyone when he returns to work the very next day as if nothing has happened. He enters the surgery room but breaks down last minute and couldn’t perform on the patient. He finally agrees to take a vacation. At home Yat Kin does nothing everyday and night. He spends every night looking over Yat Hong’s possession.

Zi Yu welcomes Yat Kin’s mother back to work and hears about Yat Kin’s insomnia from her. She calls Yat Kin out at night for a ride, she drives Yat Kin around in order to lull him to sleep.

Yat Kin wakes up the next morning and berate Zi Yu for not minding her own business. He confesses that he choose not fall asleep. He fear that Yat Hong will not show up in his dreams again, reminding that Yat Hong has not forgiven him.

Mei Suet finds out about this and confront Yat Kin about his attitude towards her sister. She calls him out on being oblivious to all the things Zi Yu has done for him. She forcefully hands the letters Zi Yu has continued writing (though she doesn’t send them out) to him.

Yat Kin and Mom are on their way to Yat Hong’s memorial service when Yat Kin sees his brother at the basketball court. Or so he thinks. That expression on his face when he thought it’s his brother kills me!

It’s actually Zi Yu’s former patient who just survived a critical condition through a heart transplant. He recognizes Yat Kin from the hospital. He tells them he is grateful to be alive again and that he will live life to the fullest. This is a revelation for Yat Kin, who can finally relieve himself from Yat Hong’s death.

At the service, everyone speak fondly of Yat Hong as they recount memories shared with him . Yat Kin’s speech especially brings everyone to tears.

I thought Yat Hong has left me…until a few moments ago, I met someone as energetic and cheerful as my brother. I’ve realized then that [Yat Hong] never left, because my brother’s organs have successfully transplanted to eight other people. They allow eight people another chance at life.

Just as Yat Kin finishes his speech, a butterfly flies across the room from Yat Hong’s picture, indicating the butterfly effect that Yat Kin was just explaining and life.

Zi Yu’s Tumor

Zi Yu finally makes up with her mother after years of resentment. She discovers the truth that Mom left her because she was suffering from depression and didn’t know how to deal with it. The family reconnects and spends a happy family date together. As we always know, happy times are not here to stay as Zi Yu finally musters up the courage to tell her family about her tumor. Through Yat Hong’s passing, Zi Yu finally realizes the pain of suddenly losing a loved one and she does not want to bestow this pain upon her family. Dad decides he want to performance surgery for his daughter.

After Yat Hong’s memorial service, Yat Kin remembers about the letters and through the letters, realizes the truth behind Zi Yu pushing him away all these times. Poor guy doesn’t get a break at all! One bad thing after another for him, seriously

Yat Kin chases after Zi Yu just to witness her in severe back pain. He confronts her about the tumor and she is shocked by his knowledge. And what else? Pushes him away some more, of course! He steps up his game, and proposes, noting they’ve wasted too much precious time going in circles. He wants to stop wasting time, be with her and see her everyday. Zi Yu thinks he is acting rash and turns him down firmly.

Zi Yu is taking a temporary leave from work. At the hospital rest area she gathers her co-workers to announce her sickness, to everyone’s surprise and concern.

A birthday dinner is held for Yiu Jie’s (the Fan Family’s housemaid) birthday. At the dinner, Zi Yu wants a family picture with everyone and asks Yat Kin to take it, but in turn, everyone tells Yat Kin to join the family picture as “the boyfriend,” heh. Zi Yu is all smiles and jokes as she chit-chats away at the dinner but Yat Kin keeps looking over with concern.

After dinner Yat Kin and Zi Yu stop by the river side. He confronts her about her pretense. Why is she so carefree? Isn’t she worried about the surgery? Isn’t she worried if the surgery will fail? Zi Yu tearfully breaks down and admit she is very scared. She doesn’t understand why it has to be her of all people, can she not have this illness? Yat Kin embraces her, “Seeing you act as if everything is fine pains me, don’t worry, everyone will be there for you, including me.”

At Han Bon’s (one of the housemen with Andy and Onion) wedding, Yat Kin looks over at Zi Yu and listens to the marriage vows with a realization. He pulls Zi Yu up to the stage where the couple is located to everyone’s confusion, including Mom’s and Zi Yu’s. Ha. He announces he wants to marry her! (Eep, best romantic trope from TVB in a while!)

Yat Kin understands he can’t legally marry her then and there but ask for everyone to be their witness. He pulls (yes, as in yanked forcefully!) the vows paper from the wedding host/priest (?) and starts reading them. Zi Yu starts to protest but has little resistance to Yat Kin’s sincerity. Thus starts their relationship. Finally! It was a long time coming, but better late than never!

The next day, they go on a date where Yat Kin comes to pick Zi Yu up…in a car..driving! He decides to drive again for her. Yat Kin gifts her flowers and a puppy (one of her wishes if she recovers is to adopt a pet) to encourage her to not give up. He explains that Ugly (name of said puppy) has a heart disease and was abandoned, but has never given up.

During their date, Yat Kin dropped his lucky medal given to him by Yat Hong. Zi Yu secretly goes looking for it, she finds it but her sickness acts up. Yat Kin finds her and is touched by her gesture. He quickly rush her to the hospital.

Her condition is worsening quickly and Dad has to move the surgery up to the next day. Yat kin will also help with the surgery along with Dad and Zi Yu’s doctor. During the surgery they find out the tumor is malign, which means it is not possible to completely remove the tumor, they can only remove as much as possible. Zi Yu will have to go through therapy after the surgery and there may be a chance the tumor will act up again in the future.

Zi Yu and Yat Kin goes out for a walk where Zi Yu assure him she is fine. They both agree that death is an inevitable part of life, we shouldn’t be afraid of it as long as we cherish every moment. They smile at each other. Zi Yu asks if he has something for her. He takes out his ring and officially proposes to her. And she, of course, accepts.

Zi Yu leaves the hospital and returns home to everyone’s joy.

Half a year later:

Zi Yu is back to work at the hospital as a doctor (her primary wish, to continue her profession). All the once-housemen are now competent doctors and looking over new housemen. Zi Yu and Yat Kin are now married, where they refer each other endearingly as “wifey” and “hubby.” They walk side by side as they ready themselves for another day of being on call (on duty) for 36 hours.

Other Conflicts:

Mei Suet goes MIA at work after a severe mistake. After much prodding, lecturing and yelling form Bing Chan she mans up to her mistake and goes back to the hospital to face it. Bing Chan and Mei Suet develops feeling for each other. Together, they successfully go over the hurdles that are Bing Chan’s painful first love (which turned him into a playboy..groannn) and Bing Chan’s aids scare. They get a happy ending of their own.

Onion is being investigated for physically assaulting the (selfish/inconsiderate) son of a patient. To his relief, He ends up only getting reprimanded instead of the more severe suspension. Through this all Onion and Jing Jing also develop feelings for each other. Jing Jing is not ready to open up her heart after Yat Hong’s death so she goes on a vacation to what would’ve been Yat Hong’s university in the States. They agree to give each other a chance when she comes back and is ready.

Everyone else also get a happy ending of their own.


This drama owns me heart and soul. From the medical , to the romance, to the family plots is just so much awesomeness.

The family stuff really gets me in the guts. The one scene when Zi Yu’s dad runs across the street to purchase her favorite candy was such a lovely scene from the both of them. So much emotion. The thing with the families in here is that they are are so believable as a family. The chemistry and interaction are so natural, no facilitated bonds shoved down our throats, which is sometimes the case with TVB dramas.

I’ve read somewhere that TVB is unreasonably killing off people to kill off people. However, in my opinion, all the deaths that wrench our hearts in this drama were necessary. They were for our beloved characters to grow and for them and us to understand death as part of the cycle of life. Another reason why I love this drama, it isn’t shallow. It wants to inspire people on life and death, to encourage those who are sick. And I am really buying it (even though I am sure some aren’t).

The ending is damn satisfying. It doesn’t guarantee us whether Zi Yu will completely recover or whether her tumor will come back. It only guarantees us that they are happy at the moment, which is really sufficient, what’s to come in the future is for us to imagine. That’s what so realistic about it, ’cause life is like that, we don’t always get a nice, neat, and patted happy ending. Which also brings me to my point of the sequel. Of course I am always ready for some more Yat Kin Tau and Yu Zai love, but since Zi Yu’s condition is not guaranteed to take a turn for the could mean sad news for us in the sequel. They may pull a Healing Hands on us (oh yea, remember that? Paul and Jackie?). Or maybe not. Who knows, but I will need to brace myself for the worst if I am going to jump into the sequel with this much love for this drama. I don’t want to get a stroke or heart attack.

In my first post about this drama, I contrasted The Hippocratic Crush to Forensic Heroes 3. I am much more enamored with the former (if you can’t tell already). However, I reserve my initial opinion that Forensic Heroes 3 was much more fast paced and exciting. It hooks you in every episode and may even have better acting (C’mon, Wayne Lai!). But The Hippocratic Crush is superior in that it has more heart (not to mention more compelling romance!).

The Hippocratic Crush will always have a special place in my heart. It is the first drama I repeatedly blogged about, sitting here writing and screencapping (that’s REALLY the hardest, not the writing itself x.x). But it was a truly memorable experience. I am not sure I’ll be able to find another drama (this year or in the next few years) I love this much to spend hours writing about it.

TVB definitely didn’t disappoint me after I looked forward months and months for this drama. They toss out some good ones once in a while. I hope Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung get the recognition they deserve at the end of the year.

Until next time, The Hippocratic Crush.


6 thoughts on “The Rest of The Hippocratic Crush: Episodes 21 – 25 End

  1. Wow! I am very impressed of all your hardwork, its BRILLIANT! Although i had watch the ending but i am really really impressed how accurate yours was to the real ending! VERY WELL DONE!

    i think you should do your own video with english sub so that everyone would be able to see it. Thats just a opinion! But keep what your doing 😀

    Yes i do agree with you that Hippocratic Crush was a great drama and TVB didn’t dissapoint me either.

    • Thanks, it’s the readers and the love for this drama that propels the hard work!
      I am dissatisfied with how The Hippocratic Crush English subs (at least the ones I got) don’t translate their nicknames which I find make them more endearing and charming. But then again, beggars can’t be choosers.

  2. i am on my phone and late at night, I can’t type a lot or fast, so here goes:
    I noticed the slow motion too when he turn back and look and the first thing that went on my mind when I read your post was like “ha! I wasn’t the only one!” hehe
    I love some of your personal comments haha very dorky and cute and great details, I’m sad but glad at the ending, and true this drama is realistic (most of the times). umm yeah I spent 30 min reading this at 3am in the morning! retreading some paragraphs, more than once!! school in three hours for me, wished I could be this eager and passionate about doing my hw I’m procrastinating on *sigh* thank you and goodnight 🙂 or yeah…

    • It’s realistic until we’re talking about Yat Kin Tau, the puurrfect package =D
      I wish I am as passionate about writing for school too, haha. I feel ya, I feel ya.
      Thanks =]

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love On Call 36hrs (i prefer calling it On Call over THC) and I love your thorough, heartfelt reviews + the love letters, too! You’ve spoken for lots of On Call’s fans around the world ! Yes! We do hope to see more series like On Call, and more YuTou later hah. Quite satisfied reading reviews at your blog. Perhaps, we fans have the same love for Tavia and MaMing!
    Hope to see more from you. My friends and I would like to frequent your blog regularly for more interesting, thoughtful reviews! So long!

  4. I agree the ending was really good and that it has some feeling of unknown to it. I used to watch Korean dramas, but they are extremely contrived and drag on one conflict for 3 episodes. TVB storylines have really improved although their randomly cutting scenes and audio could use some improvement. I can’t wait for the sequel!

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