The Hippocratic Crush: Episodes 17 – 20

I am so helplessly enamored by this drama that I can’t help but to recap/write about it some more. It’s been a while since a TVB drama, actually, ANY drama captivate me like so. This week is the conclusion week and I’ll definitely be updating about the ending..later. Now, back to 17-20. These episodes mostly focus on the romance angle of the drama and putting the love triangle to full action.

Episodes 17-20:

After going through the recent ups and downs in the hospital, Zi Yu and Yat Kin (also more popularly referred as “Yat Kin Tau”, which means “one-piece”) formed a special bond. This bond does not go unnoticed by Mei Suet who has developed a crush on Yat Kin. Zi Yu’s letters have become an important daily routine Yat Kin looks forward to, so much he is annoyed when Bing Chan (or Ben played by Benjamin Yuen) is careless with handling received letters at home.

His eager anticipation towards the letters is clocked by Mei Suet who is one of the tenants (others are the rest of the housemen trainee doctors) in the house owned by Bing Chan and Yat Kin.

Feeling behind, Mei Suet ups her game to pursue Yat Kin. She starts hiding letters from Zi Yu to Yat Kin and he goes frantically looking the house for them. Over dinner, she feigns ignorance to casually tell Zi Yu about her crush on Yat Kin and ask for her support.

This puts a stop to Zi Yu’s daily letters; she treasures her new found sisterly connection with Mei Suet and does not want to risk it. Zi Yu purposely distances herself from Yat Kin and this distance (and the lack of letters) causes Yat Kin to miss Zi Yu and realize his growing feelings for her.

Concurrently, Yat Kin’s brother Yat Hong (Nathan Ngai) is crushing on trainee doctor and Onion’s childhood friend, Jing Jing. However, he cannot get over his physical handicap and can’t muster the courage to confess. Yat Hong points out to his brother that he and Jing Jing are very different. Unlike Jing Jing, his eyesight will never be more than 50 cm tall in his wheel chair, they won’t even be able to hold hands and walk like normal couples.

This revelation disturbs Yat Kin who is again reminded that he is the cause of the accident that took Yat Hong’s walking ability. Zi Yu runs into an unhappy Yat Kin at work and Yat Kin shares about his brother while Zi Yu attempts to comfort him with no avail.

Later, Zi Yu finds out from her Supervisor Doctor about a new medical invention , a stand-up wheel chair that supports the handicapped in a standing position. She surfs the web and even takes a short break to fly to America in order to purchase the wheelchair.

Zi Yu surprises the Cheung family with the gift. They are all touched by the considerate Zi Yu, especially Yat Kin. The wheelchair gives Yat Hong the courage to confess to Jing Jing.

The thoughtful gesture confirms Yat Kin’s feeling for Zi Yu and he runs (literally! by feet!) to confess. Mei Suet sees him running out late at night and in an effort to thwart him, calls pretending to have forgotten the house key.

Hearing Mei Suet’s name brings Zi Yu back to reality and she flat out rejects Yat Kin. Mei Suet becomes desperate and finally confesses to Yat Kin about the stolen letters and her feelings. The enraged Yat Kin rejects Mei Suet but she pulls Yat Kin for a kiss as she sees Zi Yu walk by. Yat Kin realizes Zi Yu’s presence and chases after her to clear the misunderstanding. She once again pushes him away.

Yat Kin does not believe her declaration that she longer has feeling for him and repeatedly tries to confess and affirm his feeling for her. He is met with Zi Yu’s cold shoulder and repeated rejections. Yet, he is determined, “I don’t mind, if I can change your mind, no matter much time or effort (I have to invest), I won’t mind!”

Meanwhile, Zi Yu is feeling chronic back pain. A check-up verifies that she has a tumor locating in her spine. She also finds out surgery for it is highly dangerous and even if successful, can cause her to be handicapped.

This, she (of course!) hides from everyone and leads her to distance herself even more from Yat Kin. But Zi Yu is forced to reveal her sickness to Onion when he questions her about her clinic visit after coincidentally seeing her leave the clinic. Zi Yu makes Onion swear secrecy about her tumor.

An awkward run-in has Yat Kin, Zi Yu, Mei Suet and Bing Chan all in one elevator. Mei Suet seizes the opportunity to confront Yat Kin about his feelings for her (AND put Zi Yu in a bad spot). She also raises her voice with her sister when Zi Yu tries to quiet her. Her inconsiderate and unreasonable behaviors anger Yat Kin who tells her to act in line.

Later, Zi Yu chases after Mei Suet in effort to try to talk to her. This here that Zi Yu’s chronic pain acts up and Mei Suet discovers something is wrong with her sister.


WOW. Very long post. But I’ve managed to fit a good 4 episodes in one post. I didn’t think it was possible, but I did it! I may have left out some side stories like Onion’s brother-in-law’s sickness and Yat Kin’s (male) nurse friend, Siu Yik’s romance with head nurse, but the post is long enough as is, so sacrifices are made.

I think I forget how impressive Tavia Yeung’s acting is because for more than one scene I find myself surprised at how totally won over by her performance I am. I didn’t include it in the recap but the scene when she finds housemaid/care-taker Yiu Jie after she ran away from home and confronts her about her Alzheimer’s was absolutely fantastic. The way her emotions are totally visible and how she elevates her emotions as the scene progressed is observable. Not to mention her pained expressions from scenes when she experiences chronic back pain are very convincing.

The chemistry between Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma really work in favor of the drama because it makes the romance that much more compelling to root for. The common issue with TVB is that they usually make the romance very flat. On the down side, I can’t believe Onion is already out of the love..polygon since he has long accepted his role as “friend” to Zi Yu. I thought he would make a worthy love rival for Yat Kin Tau and stir some jealousy. Alas, TVB usually does not do the jealousy game to bring out the cute in the cool and level headed main male lead. Boo.

In any case, Mei Suet did a pretty darn good job raking havoc among Yat Kin and Zi Yu’s romance. I think I would hate her manipulative ways more if she was just a 2 dimensional pure evil character. But instead they used enough episodes to establish her as the competitive over-achiever, so, to me her actions actually..make sense even if they weren’t necessarily agreeable. Also, there are enough hints that she actually DOES care for Zi Yu so I can still give her the benefit of a doubt.

If you couldn’t tell already I am wholly in love with Cheung Yat Kin (really, who isn’t in love with this perfect package?!?). But I also absolutely adore Zi Yu as a character. The way she goes out of her way to find the wheelchair for Yat Hong just tells you a lot about her love for Yat Kin. As Bing Chan pointed out, Zi Yu could get through to Yat Kin because she likes him with so much thoughtfulness and heart. She doesn’t see it just to win over a person she likes. Zi Yu is really fighting Ah Yuet from Moonlight Resonance for the spot as my favorite Tavia Yeung role thus far, and Mavis of The Truth trails behind these two.

5 more episodes left and then no more Yat Kin Tau, Yu Jai (Zi Yu’s nickname) or The Hippocratic Crush. I think I will suffer very serious withdrawal, no jokez.

And to conclude this post, pouty Yat Kin Tau/ Kenneth Ma when he didn’t receive letters for days:


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    • I know! I am sad already, it’s gonna be a real bummer when I have nothing to follow religiously everyday.
      It’s gonna be a while before I find another series I am crazy about. =[

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