Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 東西宮略 Impression

I have never been keen on “Zhong Wu Yan” subject…anything. The story itself just does not ring with me in any way. Something about a slacking King with two wives and neglects the devoting uglier wife and spoil the pretty wife just isn’t quite my cup of tea…

I definitely do like both leads, I’ve been a fan of Roger Kwok since Square Pegs abeit not liking much of his works after that.  I’ve notice Fala Chen since her first drama “Forensic Heroes” and she is one of the up-and-comings I am keeping my eyes on.

I didn’t plan to give Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 東西宮略 even a chance with the “Zhong Wu Yan” premise, but I thought I shouldn’t judge before looking into it.  And now,  a good 8 episodes in, it’s safe to say, I reserve my original opinion. It does have its funny moments. I admit to laughing at some parts, but, that’s not quite enough to save this show for me.

Kwok is the irresponsible and lacking King who doesn’t really care about anything but having fun. He isn’t necessarily a bad person, he just can’t be bothered with work and prefer the easy way out. Chung Mo Yim (or Zhong Wu Yan in mandarin, played by Chen) is destined to help him and is forced to marry him by her Master.  The two get off on the wrong foot, with King disgusted by Mo Yim’s appearance and boorish nature and Mo Yim is put off by the King’s shallow personality and uselessness. Last but not least to round up the lead cast Sharon Chan as Ha Ying Chun, the beautiful palace maid turned concubine who now has the King’s full attention.

By this point Ha Ying Chun has gone from damsel in distress to being full on scheming. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming since previous Zhong Wu Yan works tell me Mo Yim and Ying Chun are always established as rivals.  However, I thought the drama didn’t do it in a convincing way. They were buddy-buds in the beginning, so the mere he-said-she-said that drove them apart didn’t seem to be enough to cause the friendship to totally break down. I mean, do you really start scheming to banish your friend–who is a best friend that saved your life–for petty things?

I also really don’t understand the relationship development between Mo Yim and the King.  Suddenly, she cares for him and her kinda-sister, Mo Wai is pointing out her feelings.  When and how? What did I miss?  For all I see, the King has been a total ass through and through. There was not one single scene where he show any sort of kindness and consideration for her or ANYTHING to make him worthy of Mo Yim’s love. Not to mention it’s aggravating to see Mo Yim work her butt off to get insults hurled at her by the King and Ying Chun does absolutely nothing but gets all the TLC from King.

Meanwhile, side note: it is really ironic to have Fala Chen play the “ugly” wife, because in my very humble opinion she is perhaps even prettier than Sharon Chan. Maybe Mo Yim will miraculously lose her birth mark and become extremely beautiful?

So verdict, not digging this show.  I will still be catching parts here and there since my family is still following it. If  it suddenly gets  A LOT better, which I really, really doubt, then I will make sure to rave about it.


One thought on “Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 東西宮略 Impression

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