The Hippocratic Crush: Episodes 15 & 16 thoughts.

These are the most emotional episodes, yet. I remember shedding a mere tear when Yeung Pui Chong’s (Him Law, also nicknamed “Onion” in the drama) first patient passed away. But these episodes have me bawling like a child! I am glad Andy’s Grandma is a three episodes arc so that they have enough time to introduce Grandma (the always splendid, Lo Lan) and to establish her connection with Andy (newbie actor, Kyle Tse) and everyone else. Her illness not only serves as a much needed push for grandson, Andy, but she leaves a everlasting impact on the other housemen and doctors that she is unaware of.

Episodes 15-16:

If Yeung Pui Chong is the gifted yet lazy houseman, then Andy is the exact opposite of that. He is not as smart as the others and very insecure. He works hard to catch up but is still not up to par, which makes it even more frustrating for him. He has a doting Grandma and she is aware of his (relative) incompetence, but decides to go along with his lies to her that he is the best among the other students.

Grandma’s illness is discovered by Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) when she seeks him to discuss about Andy’s situation. Grandma refuses to go through the knife but is informed that as long as she take her meds on time, her sickness will be under control.

While at the hospital, Grandma witnesses Andy failing at a task and getting scolded for it. She confronts Andy about his lack of confidence and encourages him, “I believe you will become a great doctor.” Then, as goes with many elders, she take her medicine inconsistently and her illness worsen at rapid pace. She is once again hospitalized, but finally agrees do surgery for the sake of Andy. Andy is happy to hear the surgery went well, but it’s not long until they realize there is a complication to Grandma’s illness and that she won’t have many days left.

Through out all the chaos, all the housemen and roommates are very supportive of Andy. They encourage him, cheer him up and help him care for Grandma. Observing Grandma’s deteriorating condition make them realize a doctor’s helplessness: a doctor can save many lives but they may not be able to save their own love ones. The situation have them pondering and reassessing themselves as doctors.

Come the day when the housemen are to swear to the Hippocratic Oath and become real doctors. All the housemen all dressed up for the event, they gift Andy a new tie to cheer him on. Prior to the ceremony, Andy pays a visit to Grandma and she is suddenly lucid to have a conversation with him. (Sudden lucidity = never a good sign.) He happily notifies her that he will become a doctor and promise to bring the certificate to show her after the oath. Fellow houseman Hung Mei Suet (Mandy Wong) streams Andy’s oath ceremony through phone so that Grandma can see with a proud smile.

Of course, as predicted, Andy rushes back to the hospital to see that Grandma has passed. He requests to certify her death. This part got me in the guts, CAN. NOT. SEE. through my blurry eyes.

After going through a lot, Andy finally acquires the courage to perform the medical procedure that he chickened out on several occasions before. He is truly and officially a doctor now.

Fan Zi Yu (Tavia Yeung) and Cheung Yat Kin are bystanders that perceive all of this with a heavy heart and helplessness. On top of this, Yat Kin is also conflicting between staying as a hospital doctor which means working in the environment he love or leaving for private practice with his teacher and earn more money to support his brother’s study abroad plan. Yet these struggles and mutual support make their hearts grow closer and fonder.

Particularly, Zi Yu in her daily letters to Yat Kin questions the meaning of being a doctor if everyone eventually dies.

In the last scene of Episode 16, Zi Yu and Yat Kin are casusually conversing in the basketball court when Yat Kin suddenly quotes Hippocrates to answer her question,

“No one can escape death, but before patients go, it is up to doctors to comfort and put them at ease at the last moments of their lives…that is a doctor’s mission.”

This also tips Zi Yu off that he indeed do read her letters. A step forward for their relationship.


Kye Tse is really green and it shows it his acting. However, his storyline with Grandma is so compelling that his acting almost didn’t matter. In addition, I think Lo Lan really brought out a lot in him and her fabulous performance really compensated for any ripples in her partner(s). It is so awesome how they tie in Yat Kin and Yi Zu’s development with everyone’s struggle of defining the meaning to being a doctor. I was afraid they would push the romance/love triangle as some sort of side story and fan service, but I am glad the relationship leads back to them bonding as medical professionals and helping each other through the thick of being a doctor.


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