A walk down memory lane.

What tug old memories more than a tune? Whenever I stumble onto an old drama’s opening song, it brings back SO MANY memories.  Hi, nostalgia.

I am sure these are collective memories of a lot of us who grew up with TVB. Pieces of our childhood.These songs always ignite an urge in me to go scour for these dramas and rewatch them.  Good times, good times.

THIS RIGHT HERE, Journey to the West is the very definition of my childhood. The hours I’ve spent with my sibling watching and rewatching it through out the years of my childhood…and older.

C’mon, if you were at least 1 year old when A Kindred Spirited started in 1995, you would remember this song that played for the 4 years of the drama’s lifespan.

The song is like the trademark for Triumph in the Skies.  I don’t know if they can recreate such a song for the sequel.

Eason Chan‘s lovely voice again. There were many many TVB cop-centered series I’ve watched as a child, but for some reason this one stuck with me sentimentally. Anddddd, there was a time, back in the days when “Ah Wong” and “Lo Por Jai” were..siblings =P

Possibly Raymond Lam‘s first leading role.  Hey, I liked him way before the hype..but then I remained indifferent about him until Mysteries of Love. I have this thing for girl-crossing-dramas, this was my first and one of my favorites (the other being the Korean You’re Beautiful).

I am sure there are many more I didn’t mention perhaps I can add them as I recall more later on.

Also note that those were the days before all the TVB theme songs are invaded by TVB artists and The Voice (ex)contestants (ugh, they are EVERYWHERE, a girl can’t watch TVB anything without The Voice popping in my face). C’mon TVB, stop being cheap and actually go get singers to sing your songs again!


2 thoughts on “A walk down memory lane.

  1. Chanced upon your blog from tumblr and saw this post, gosh, yes nostalgia. I have watched all the above mentioned dramas so long ago that I can’t even remember when. But all these themesongs are really, just trademark! SO. MUCH. MEMORIES. Especially The Kindred Spirit, I don’t even know how old I was but I remember all their character names till now!! Another themesong I really loved is Golden Faith, oh and Chilam’s Point of No Return and Return of the Cuckoo, okay okay too many! Gahh TVB was my childhood and I’m like, almost an adult now D:

    Anyway, since TVB resolved their issues with the music companies, I guess we will start to see more themesongs from singers! And also from song of the actors that can really sing well! Enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up! 😀

    • Haha, you know what? I still refer Hawick Lau as “On Jai” (youngest son).
      Ahhhh, how can I miss Golden Faith? Just the whistling in the beginning makes me nostalgic!
      I resent Return of The Cuckoo cause of the ending -.- He loved her so much but then she got married to someone else..buh..
      I adoredddddd Point of No Return! ChiLam and Charmaine was so cute together. They were the first TVB couple I liked.

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