First peak at Thunderous Drug Raid雷霆掃毒 (Updated 5/10/2012)

Squeeeeeeeee. Raymond Lam as a police…for the first time! So excited.
I’ve always found TVB profession dramas far better than their other genre. But with Raymond Lam in a profession? Ahh, like the good o’ Mysteries of Love days (which got me smitten by Raymond Lam). The potential coupling of him and Ella Koon is so adorable. All the pretty. Doesn’t hurt that I pretty much adore Koon: pretty face, cute personality and wonderful voice. But then there’s Kate Tsui there to complete and put a damper in the love triangle. Please let Koon and Lam be the main couple!

TVB seniors Michael Miu and Elaine Ng are also casted in the Thunderous Drug Raid, even though Miu was not at the costume fitting. This will be Ng’s comeback drama to TVB.
Since they are doing costume fitting that means then will film it soon, it should broadcast later in the year, fingers crossed..I hope it’s soon enough. Like summer?

Cute. cute. cute interaction between Ella Koon and Raymond Lam!


So after my initial post about this drama, more news and articles have trickled out through time, and I have to say…my excitement for this drama has fizzled little by little.  The essential reason is that I am quite sure (from what I’ve seen so far) that Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui are the main couple of this drama. And I am obviously NOT her biggest fan. But then again, since Tsui plays a villainous role and Lam’s the protagonist role, I foresee that they spend the MAJORITY of the drama together but doesn’t end up together.  Then, TVB is gonna throw one of those “round-up” ending at us where Raymond Lam is going to find out the very last minute of the very last episode that Ella Koon’s character is the one for him. He is enlightened about her big ol’ crush on him and how she was always by his side so he runs to her. Happily Ever After.

Lordy, please let me be wrong. In any case, more interaction between Koon and Lam.


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