Great Expectation and Spectulation: Triumph in the Skies 2 衝上雲霄2 (Updated 05/14/2012)

Maybe it’s that sentimental bone, but after watching the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation, Triumph in the Skies 2 衝上雲霄2 has shot up to be #1 most anticipated TVB drama of the year for me! It’s a rough trailer of what’s to come. Anything from the cast, to the pairings, to the plot can change since the drama has yet to start filming. But that doesn’t stop me from getting excited.

It essentially has a MAJORITY of the TVB people I like…except, Kate Tsui. Blech. (Tsui coupling with Bosco Wong, double blech!)  I am not letting her spoil the excitement!

And then there is that question everyone is concerned about:  Will Francis Ng return to TVB to reunite with Zoe (Myolie Wu)? Ng was the well-received pilot in the first one…and what is Triumph in the Skies without Sam?!?!

I take this question furhter and ask: If Sam does return…then what happens to the Raymond Lam and handicapped Myolie Wu pairing of the original trailer?  Their story looks friggin awesome!

On the other hand, everyone is all worried over Francis Ng..but hello, what about Kenneth Ma? He was in the original one and he is STILL with TVB, why has no one thought to include the dude in the sequel?!

In any case, it is reported that Myolie Wu said they will start filming for Triumph in the Skies II  in May! Aw, that means we wont see it til the end of this year or the the first half of next! Noooooo!


So it’s pretty much confirmed that Francis Ng will reprise a role for the sequel of Triumph in the Skies.  Chilam Cheung* is still in even with Francis Ng’s return contrary to media predictions.  When there is in, there is out.  Out is Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong from the drama.  The reason quoted is that to match up with Ng’s schedule, filming is pushed back to September which clash with Lam and Wong’s other planned priorities.  In additional, it would be hard to allocate equal screen times to every actor so they can’t have EVERY TVB siu sangs in the same drama. Last but not least, turns out Kenneth Ma WILL be a part of the cast. Yes! TVB heard our cries…that or Ma has gained a surge of popularity after the awesomeness that is The Hippocratic Crush.

Now, for MY speculation.  With Raymond Lam out of the equation, it’s easy, Myolie Wu, A.K.A. Zoe from the original Triumph in the Skies naturally pairs up with Ng’s Sam. Yes, I am sad to see Raymond Lam go, but Sam Gorrr! So conflicted. On the other hand, according to the above TVB Sales Presentation, Bosco Wong is supposedly Kate Tsui’s love interest.  Now with that spot vacant and Kenneth Ma officially announced as part of the cast, my educated guess is that he fits right in to that spot.  Not Yat Kin Tau for Tsui!

Essentially, the pairing and filming date adjustment has killed some excitement in me for this drama.  But it is still alive. And now that I don’t really have a TVB drama i can look forward to, this is my only hope.

*I understand that Chilam Cheung’s actually English name is Julian Cheung, but he is more famously known as Chilam Cheung, so this is what he will be referred to in this blog.

[Picture credit: Triumph in the Skies Facebook page, News source: HKchannel weibo]


2 thoughts on “Great Expectation and Spectulation: Triumph in the Skies 2 衝上雲霄2 (Updated 05/14/2012)

    • That’s not what I said. I am just not a fan of Kate Tsui (as I openly and frequently admit, more detail here if you care) and therefore I cannot get behind her pairing with Bosco Wong. But HE is not the reason I dislike her.

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