L’Escargot 缺宅男女: Review/Rant

Why did Michael Tse, of recent years ‘Laughing Gor” fame agreed to L’Escargot?  The drama also stars other familiar TVB faces, Michael Miu, Sonija Kwok, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Him Law, and Yoyo Chan.  The topic appropriately centers around the difficulties of owning a home in the Hong Kong society.

The drama grates my nerves so much in recent episodes that I have trouble sitting through whole episodes.  Many, if not, all of the characters are aggravating. Kwan Ka On (Michael Miu) is most aggravating of all. He is an over-bearing eldest brother of his family who wants to take care of everything in the family, which I have no issue with, don’t get me wrong.  My issue lies within how he constantly disregard and put his wife (Sonija Kwok) in a bad spot because of his heroic tendencies for the family. The second brother and his wife is almost spoiled by him, causing problem after problem and never learning. Don’t even get me started on the shameless idiots that is Second Bro and his wife.

On the other hand, I actually enjoyed watching Linda Chung’s Kwan Ka Lok and Ron Ng’s Ting Koon Fung in the beginning, despite not being a fan of Ng and is indifferent about Chung. But, their relationship has gotten really difficult to watch with the addition of married Ko Wang Chim (Michael Tse).  The relationship is even further complicated by Wang Chim’s sister Joyce.  Oy, everyone gets a leg in this relationship. The back-and-forth between Ka Lok and Koon Fung but always missing the chance by THISMUCH to reconcile is so tiresome. And how can you make characters develop backwards? Ka Lok went from being very determined about Koon Fung to being wishy-washy between Koon Fung and Wang Chim. Buh.

I just don’t think L’Escargot deserves to be 30 episodes long.  30 eps are for better dramas like Forensic Heroes 3 that kept me on the edge of my seat almost every ep with it’s superior plots and acting.  I keep on wishing for this drama to end to make room for it’s proceeding drama, On Call 36 Hours.

[Picture Credit: TVB.com]


3 thoughts on “L’Escargot 缺宅男女: Review/Rant

  1. i had trouble watching it too. so i never really finished it XD
    but i did think that the Him and Yoyo scenes were quite funny and amusing.
    and omg, Linda just annoyed the hell out of me.
    btw your blog is cool 🙂
    i’ll support it forever ^^

    • Thanks!!!!
      I think the issue with Chung is, I can’t differentiate “Kwan Ka Lok” from her previous roles of “Sheung Joi Sum” or “Yu So Sum.” The way she depicts them make all of them blur together and almost seem like the same person? If you know what i mean,..

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